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Fundraise for Greenfleet

Because Greenfleet is a registered environmental charity, you don't have to stop with your annual offset.  The more money that gets donated to Greenfleet, the more work we can do to restore biodiverse native forests around Australia.  So go the extra mile and fundraise for Greenfleet today!

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You think Greenfleet is a great program to be part of and you already offset your emissions, but have you told your family, friends, colleagues and clients about Greenfleet?  Often a recommendation is much more valuable than advertising - these people trust you and trust your judgement, so when you relay your great experience, they are more likely to sign up too.  Find how else you can help us spread the word.

Give a Greenfleet Gift

Greenfleet gifts are perfect for family, friends, staff, colleagues and clients - well anyone really.  Give an average vehicle gift offset, or choose a gift that includes a donation with spending money.  Whatever you choose you know you are helping the planet.  

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