Follow the links below to access materials from a selection of previous Greenfleet events.

10th Challenge Bibendum

The 10th Challenge Bibendum was held in Rio de Janero (30 May - 3 June, 2010). The Challenge Bibendum event focuses on sustainable road mobility.    Read More

Climate change and biodiversity 2010

Five speakers presented their sustainable journeys and gave keys to act now on Climate Change to Greenfleet supporters at a special breakfast event in Sydney on 14 September.    Read More

Post-COP15 briefing 2010

What really happened in Copenhagen and where do we go from here?   A special event for Greenfleet supporters, with first-hand experiences from four COP15 delegates.    Read More

Coming out of hibernation - Panel Discussion 2009

Assigns emerge that the Australian economy has been robust in the face of the Global Financial Crisis, many organisations are pondering their options. Greenfleet CEO Sara Gipton joined this banking industry panel discussion.    Read More

Emerging Transport Technology Conference 2007

The 2007 Emerging Transport Technology Conference explored the driving factors behind the development of a sustainable motoring industry.        Read More

World Solar Challenge 2007

The  World Solar Challenge celebrated its 20thyear in 2007, reminding us that sustainable transport has been on the agenda for quite a while.   The Greenfleet Technology Class showcased more practical low-emission vehicles.    Read More

Decision Makers' Forum 2006

The objective of the Decision Makers' Forum was to provide leading edge information on hydrogen transport technology to key decision makers in government, industry and the community.    Read More

Greenfleet Technology Trial 2006

Greenfleet took to the road on 28 March 2006 to demonstrate a range of showroom-ready vehicles embracing new-generation technologies that radically improve fuel efficiency.    Read More

Emerging Transport Technology Conference 2005

International and local experts talked about the technologies and fuels being developed and starting to emerge into the market, to address the twin issues of climate change and oil scarcity.    Read More

Emerging Transport Technology Conference 2003

With the threat of global warming and climate change, and the focus on sustainability, comes a commitment from motor manufacturers to bring radically more fuel-efficient vehicles to market.   Read More