The objective of the Decision Makers' Forum, held in March 2006, was to provide leading edge information on hydrogen transport technology to key decision makers in government, industry and the community.

Hydrogen powered transport technology is developing extremely quickly.  Hydrogen powered transport - through fuel cells and/or internal combustion engines - offers arguably the best available technological solution to be the next generation broad scale transport energy system.

Australia has been extremely fortunate to be a participant in the CUTE project through the Western Australian Sustainable Transport Energy Programme (STEP).  Through this association Australia has had access to world class, cutting edge technology and information.

Download Powerpoint presentations:

David Musil

Project Engineer, Advanced Automotive Development

Ballard Power Systems

Fuel Cells - Current status and prospects for the future (796KB)

Manfred Schuckert

Co-ordinator,CUTE, STEP, Beijing FC Bus Trials

EvoBus Gmbh Germany


Progress in hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles in action (4297KB)

Monika Kentzler

Co-ordinator Infrastructure, Co-ordinator HyFleet:CUTE


Progress in hydrogen infrastructure (404KB)