At the conclusion of the 2003 World Solar Challenge, Greenfleet partnered with the CSIRO and WSC to present the inaugural Emerging Transport Technology Conference in Adelaide on 28th/29th October.

The motor car as we know it is about to experience dramatic technological change.With the threat of global warming and climate change, and the focus on sustainability, comes a commitment from motor manufacturers to bring radically more fuel-efficient vehicles to market.

This necessitates the fast-track development of emerging hybrid and fuel cell technologies that promise both opportunities and challenges for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry.

Infrastructure to deliver hydrogen fuel will be one of the key time frame drivers for electric fuel cell vehicles and as a consequence the scope of the opportunity for hybrid-electric as an interim technology is still unclear.

One thing is clear - the car of the future will be electric. The question for the immediate future is whether it will employ an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell to generate power. It will probably start as one and evolve into the other.

The keynote speaker was Dr Christine Sloane. Dr Sloane is a Director of the multi-billion dollar US Freedom CAR program which aims to develop the vehicle technology and hydrogen fuel infrastructure to support fuel cell vehicles.

Presentations from the 2003 Emerging Transport Technology Conference:

Mr Drew Clark

Head, Energy & Environment, DITR

Hyrdogen Options for Australia - The National Agenda (99KB)

Dr Brian Fildes

Professor of Road Safety, Monash University Accident Research Centre

Crashworthiness- The Safety Issue (1850KB)

Mr David Lamb

Chief Executive, Australian Automotive Technology Centre

Technology Change - Opportunities and Risks for Australia (356KB)

Dr Andreas Luzzi

Operating Agent, IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement

A Roadmap to Clean Hydrogen (1494KB)

Mr Ian McCleave

Executive Director, Business Strategy & Planning, Holden

Australia's Automotive Future - Holden's Strategy (629KB)

Mr Mark McKenzie

Senior Consultant, Abbott Consulting Group

Social Aspects of Transport (99KB)

Prof David St John

Chief Executive, Co-operative Research Centre for Cast Metals Manufacturing

Automotive Applications for Light Materials (1674KB)

Dr Christine Sloane

Director FreedomCAR and Advanced Technology Strategy, General Motors Corporation, Detroit

An International Automotive Industry Overview: The compelling vision of fuel cells and a hydrogen economy (3235KB)

Mr Vincent Tarquinio

Robert Bosch Australia

Modern Direct Injection Engines vs Alternative Powertrains

6.5 MB file - contact Greenfleet for a copy

Dr Adrian Williams

Chief, CSIRO Energy Technology

Options for Australia's Future Transport Fuels Systems (244KB)