The future of the motor car!

Held at the Adelaide Hilton on October 4 & 5 2005, the ETT Conference was hosted by Greenfleet in partnership with CSIRO and the World Solar Challenge.Delegates heard from international and local experts about the technologies and fuels that are being developed and starting to emerge into the market, to address the twin issues of climate change and oil scarcity.

The Conference addressed:

Most likely scenarios

Expected time frames

Strategic opportunities for Australia's automotive industry

Policy options for government and industry

The keynote speaker was one of the world's leading fuel cell experts, Dr Chris Borroni-Bird from General Motors in Detroit, who said that hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars could be in mass production within 10-15 years. "We'v egiven ourselves until 2010 to design and develop a fuel cell system which includes the hydrogen tank as well as the electric motor, and if we can make it affordable, which is our goal, then I think we have a strong case to go into production," he said.

The only emission from fuel cell vehicles will be water, making them environmentally friendly, if the hydrogen can be produced from renewable sources.

"The focus now is to improve the durability of the fuel cells, to bring the cost down, set up the infrastructure and gain acceptance for hydrogen as a fuel," Dr. Borroni-Bird said.

Here is a selection of presentations:

Dr Graeme Pearman

Conference Chair - Opening Presentation (265KB)

Damian Johnson

Fuels Marketing Manager, BP Australia

A Transport Fuels Pathway for the Future (1293KB)

David Lamb

Low Emission Transport Leader, CSIRO Energy Transformed Flagship

A Step to the Future (1183KB)

Bruce Thomas

Sustainability Manager, Asia, Swiss Reinsurance Company

Climate Change - Implications for Business, Insurance & the Community (624KB)