The motor car is experiencing a technological revolution - the demand for more environmentally responsible vehicles is at an all time high and is only set to increase. The 2007 Emerging Transport Technology Conference explored the driving factors behind the development of a sustainable motoring industry.

Here's a selection of presentations from the conference:

Chris D'Sousa

Operations Manager, Glass's Information Services P/L

The Real Cost of Going Green (196KB)

Sara Gipton

CEO Greenfleet

Heads, hearts & souls (603KB)

Richard Johns

Principal, Australian Automotive Intelligence

Demand - is it all torque? (212KB)

Richard Marshall

Director- Innovations, GM Holden

The future of the motor car  (26KB) (abstract only)

Ashley Stafford

Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie

The potential impact of greenhouse gas emissions trading on the transport industry (267KB)

John Tsoucalas

CEO Fleeteffect

Road freight transport challenges (414KB)

Frank Will

Supervisor Emissions & Envirolabs, Advanced Centre for Automotive Research&Testing, Ford

Emissions- testing the specifics (459KB)

Rocco Zito

Deputy Director, Transport Systems Centre, University of South Australia

Emissions- the big picture (616KB)