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What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset is a project or activity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions or sequesters (captures) carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the emissions created by your own activities.

Remember that carbon offsets are only part of the solution for tackling climate change - you also need to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible.

Greenfleet creates future offsets by planting native forests, which capture carbon dioxide from the environment as they grow.  Find out more about our forests.

Why offset?

Even if you reduce your emissions significantly, it is unlikely that you will eliminate all sources of greenhouse gases in your life.  All greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere are contributing to climate change and we still need to deal with emissions that have been released in the past.

Forests recapture carbon dioxide that has already been released into the atmosphere,reducing the overall atmospheric concentrations.

What can I offset?

Any action or product that creates a greenhouse gas emission can be offset.

At Greenfleet we focus on offsetting emissions generated through vehicles, air travel and the gas and electricity used by households or businesses.

How do I offset?

It's easy to offset your greenhouse gas emissions by clicking on any of the options below:   


Offset emissions from your car,
energy use or air travel:

        Buy a gift offset 

If you would like to discuss a more complicated business offset please call us on 1800 032 999 or submit an online query.

How much does it cost?

For individuals

An average medium car costs $60.16 to offset for one year.  This covers the cost of planting native trees as part of a biodiverse forest to recapture emissions, along with the monitoring of Greenfleet's forests and carbon stocks over time.

This is less than the cost of just one tank of petrol for most people and is an income tax deductible donation for individuals.

For businesses, government and not-for-profit organisations

Greenfleet carbon offsets cost $15 per tonne CO2-e. Offset purchases for businesses and other organisations may be subject to GST, but deductible as a business expense - please seek your own taxation advice to determine taxation status for your offsets.

Greenfleet restores Australia's native biodiversity by planting native forests


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