Together we can grow our forests & climate hope.

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About Greenfleet

Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit organisation committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests.  We plant native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to capture carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters.  Our forests absorb carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil and water quality, and provide vital habitat for native wildlife.  Join us by offsetting your carbon emissions or donating. Become part of a passionate community taking practical action on climate change.

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Take climate action

Reducing your carbon footprint is simple. For $30.42 a month you can offset your carbon footprint by contributing to native reforestation.

Become a business with purpose

Become a business with purpose

When you offset your organisation’s carbon emissions with Greenfleet, you are donating to plant native forests and support projects to fight climate change.

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Support koala conservation

Greenfleet restores and protects vital habitat for koalas.

Our forests

Explore the map to discover our forests and our impact.

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Greening Kowanyama

We worked with traditional owners and the local community to plant 1,000 native and fruit trees in Kowanyama, Queensland. This project shows what can be achieved when Greenfleet, business, local government and the community unite for our climate.