Rare species planted at Tourello, Vic

Greenfleet plants multi-species forests to restore and protect Australia's unique biodiversity.

In winter 2013, we planted 65 specimens of the Hairy Anchor Plant as part of an in-fill planting at Tourello, one of our sites, 25 km north of Ballarat, Vic.

This extremely rare species is extinct in Queensland and threatened in Victoria. This site, managed by Parks Victoria, and a neighbouring private property are among the few areas where remnant individuals still survive.

The Hairy Anchor Plant (Discaria pubescens) is a densely-branched, spiny shrub 0.5 to 2m high. The species formerly had a widespread distribution in all the eastern Australian states. It has not been recorded from Queensland since 1898 (Willis 1955) and is considered endangered in Tasmania (Coates 1991). In Victoria, the species is now restricted to small fragmented populations in the eastern highlands and to the west of Melbourne (Willis 1972, Beauglehole 1980)*.

This planting will assist the plant population and hopefully save it from extinction in Victoria. 


* Source: DSE, 2003

Photo of a Hairy Anchor (Discaria pubesens) seedlings just before planting by Greenfleet Forester
Photo of a tray full of Hairy Anchor sedlings

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