New insect species discovered in a Greenfleet forest

We are proud to share amazing news straight from our forest at Battery Creek:

Researchers from the Department of Zoology at La Trobe University, lead by Dr Martin Steinbauer, have uncovered a whole new insect species in the Greenfleet forest at Battery Creek, Vic. The team of scientists visited the site early last year to survey psyllids (tiny little cicada-like insects), and discovered the new species feeding on juvenile leaves of Bog Gum (Eucalyptus kitsoniana).

As of February 2013, the Bog gum psyllid (or scientific name Ctenarytaina bipartita) became officially “known to science”.

Greenfleet Forester Eoghan O’Connor said, “The Battery Creek site has been an outstanding site for Greenfleet since it was first planted in the late 1990’s.

"We have observed extremely high growth levels, many different species of birds and mammals, and now a whole new species of Psyllid has been discovered. The change in the site from a barren hillside to a flourishing forest, involving  many different ecological processes is fantastic.

The ability of this new species to survive in a much cleared area, upon the Bog Gum which is such an isolated species, shows how important these islands of forest can be.”

For more information and to read the description of the new eucalypt psyllid, please follow this link

Photo of La Trobe University Research Team working in a Greenfleet Forest
Photo of Adult Bog Gum Psyllids mating © Ben Twist

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