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Before & After photos of one of our forests in the Kosciuszko National Park

Before & After photos of one of our forests in the Kosciuszko National Park

Collage of before and after photos of one of Greenfleet's forests in the Kosciuszko National Park, NSWThis before and after photo collage taken 8 years apart in our forest at Humes Crossing, NSW speaks for itself... This Greenfleet native revegetation project has had a tremendous positive impact on the environment.

Back in 2008, when NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service approached us to assist with restoring this parcel of land, there wasn't much more to see but bare hills and the remains of this old truck.

Fast forward to 2016, and the rusty truck is now towered by trees in a healthy native forest.

Not only is the forest returning the landscape back to its natural state, it also boasts a lot of other benefits: the trees remove carbon from the atmosphere and provide habitat for wildlife while the forest protects Australian biodiversity and prevents soil erosion.

We worked hard to restore this ecosystem and encouraged the return of many native plant and animal species that used to naturally occur in this area. Some of the native species planted at this site include: Silver Wattle, Blackwood, Black Wattle, Currawang, Narrow Leaf Peppermint and Red Stringybark.  

This is the perfect demonstration of what can be achieved thanks to the carbon offset donations we receive from our supporters.

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