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Greenfleet’s 2015 Annual Review

Greenfleet’s 2015 Annual Review


Today we're publishing Greenfleet's 2015 Annual Review which gives a great overview of our work last year and to date.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 8.7 million native trees which are restoring more than 424 native forests around Australia and New Zealand.

2015 was our 18 years of operation and was a very busy one! We planted over 115,000 native trees across 4 sites (including our first ever planting in New Zealand); we monitored 2,148 hectares of forests (which is equivalent to walking all over Melbourne CBD 15 times!); and we have received more than 3,500 donations from thousands of individuals and families and hundreds of organisations.

Have a look at our 2015 Annual Review to find out more! Click here to view the PDF of our 2015 Annual Review.


Words from our Chairman, Gunther Jurkschat

"2015 has been an exciting year for Greenfleet. In our eighteenth year of operation as a not-for-profit, we are conscious of the ongoing responsibility that we have to contribute to the climate action agenda and the biodiversity approach that we have created.

Over time, we have seen the slow understanding of the need for climate action, the establishment and then retraction of a carbon price, the creation of a new mechanism (the Emissions Reduction Fund) for climate action as well as many different approaches to planting trees and forests around the country.

2015 culminated in the Paris COP, at which Greenfleet was represented by our CEO. From that event, many new ideas have sprouted and we hope to follow them through in 2016.

In this first year as Chair of the Greenfleet Board, I am particularly pleased that we were able to honour the work done in the past while seeking to be an innovative and highly engaged partner with other organisations. This year, we successfully expanded our reforestation work across the Tasman Sea with our first planting at Atiu Creek near Auckland, New Zealand. We welcomed new members to our Board, while continuing to develop the important Business Advisory Council, which provides critical connections to our supporter base.

I would like to thank our supporters and landholders for their work with us through this year, as well as our staff who work hard to implement our collective vision."

Words from our CEO, Wayne Wescott

"In 2015, we have put into place the elements of our organisation for future growth and greater impact.

We created an engagement approach which is directly connecting our supporters to the forests that we plant on their behalf, thanks to  a combination of social media, planting days, stakeholder lunches and events, as well as a more interactive conversation. Our forestry team has commenced the Gold Standard validation process for our major site in 2015, Kara Kara, and has done significant work developing highly sophisticated mapping of all of our sites. We have completed some much-needed work on our internal systems to ensure that we make it easy for supporters to understand how to work with us and where their donations are going.

As the Paris Conference of Parties showed, many businesses want to be able to take practical climate action. Our work continues to expand with existing supporters, while we build new approaches with innovative technologies, local governments, financial services, fundraising models and new products such as blue carbon (mangroves, seagrasses and saltmarsh that sequester carbon). Our expansion in New Zealand means we are engaging with even more organisations and enabling them to take real climate action locally.

As always, we are indebted to the wonderful circle of supporters, staff, colleagues, Board and BAC members, consultants and other advisors that surround and enrich our work. Please feel free to connect with me directly with any questions, comments, inspired ideas or partnership approaches."