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5 minutes with Car Next Door

5 minutes with Car Next Door

Do you own a car which is mostly sitting in your driveway? Do you need a car for weekend trips or to move stuff? Well, you need Car Next Door – one of the Greenfleet supporters who happen to be the award-winning and Australian first neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing network.

The Car Next Door community is working to reduce its impact on the environment by:

  • Avoiding the waste caused by too many cars being manufactured, just to sit idle all day;
  • Reducing the number of cars sitting around cities, and the vehicle-kilometres travelled, by creating a fleet of shared cars in your neighbourhood; and
  • Offsetting the emissions from the driving that people need to do, through their partnership with Greenfleet.

Here is a short interview we conducted with Car Next Door:

Greenfleet: Why did Car Next Door decide to offset emissions with Greenfleet?

Car Next Door: We established Car Next Door to reduce the amount of carbon going into the atmosphere. Sharing existing cars reduces the number of automobiles that need to be manufactured – and we know the embodied emissions created during the manufacturing process typically match or even exceed exhaust pipe emissions over a car’s lifetime.

Research also tells us that car sharing encourages both borrowers and lenders to use cars less often, as they are more aware of the cost of driving. By offsetting our borrowers’ emissions, we are making sure that the remaining emissions that can’t be avoided are offset by credible, long term emissions reduction projects that also help restore native forests and biodiversity in Australia.

Greenfleet: What’s Car Next Door’s long term goal?

Car Next Door: Will Davies, Dave Trumbull & Chloe Iliffe started Car Next Door to remove people's dependency on personal vehicle ownership and fundamentally change the way people make their transport decisions.

Car Next Door is fundamentally changing the way Australia travels by turning any car into a share car. We aim to have 10,000 cars shared by 100,000 borrowers by 2020!

The long term aim is to cut personal transport costs in half, permanently remove 87,000 cars from the Australian vehicle fleet, reduce CO2 emissions by 84,000 tonnes per year and foster greater community engagement.

Greenfleet: What’s your vision?

Car Next Door: A Vision of the future: We envision neighbourhoods in five to ten years’ time where the vast majority of people don’t have to own a car, and can share the cars of the ten to fifteen Car Owners who live within a 100m walk from their home. Once our network hits this type of critical mass, there will be a massive ‘de car-ing’ of metropolitan Australia, which will bring huge environmental and community benefits (e.g. less congestion and pollution, less need to allocate land for parking spots, and higher public transport adoption).

  Mosaic of photos from Car Next Door

Special offer for Greenfleet supporters & friends!

To celebrate World Environment Day this month Car Next Door is generously sharing this special offer:

List your car on Car Next Door's neighbour-to-neighbour car-share platform in June and Car Next Door will give you $150 bonus income, plus donate another $150 to Greenfleet!

To activate this offer, just mention "Greenfleet" in the "How did you hear about us?" section when you apply to rent out your car.