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Ardno Bushland Reserve, Vic

Ardno Bushland Reserve, Vic

What is now known as the Ardno Bushland Reserve, just a few kilometres east of the border with South Australia in south Victoria, was previously used as farmland.

Now owned and managed by Parks Victoria, the site has been revegetated over the years to bring back a biodiverse, native forest in the area. The landscape is a series of lakes and marshes and is a great bird watching area.

Greenfleet initially planted the area in 2005 but the majority of trees were eaten by wingless grasshoppers. Only Black Wattles survived this disastrous episode.

In 2009, Greenfleet replanted the other species and today the forest is loud and alive with birds, nesting and feeding amongst the beautiful maturing trees.

Watch the latest video below from our forest in the Ardno Bushland Reserve, Victoria.

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