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5 minutes with Taylor - Greenfleet’s new Events & Engagement Coordinator

5 minutes with Taylor - Greenfleet’s new Events & Engagement Coordinator

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest addition to the team: Taylor Eisen - Greenfleet's Events & Engagement Coordinator!

Taylor is joining our Supporter Engagement team to look after our amazing individual supporters and as well as coordinate all our events. We've taken 5 minutes out of Taylor's busy schedule to ask here a few questions to get to know her more.

Question: Taylor, What do you love about your job?

Taylor: By combining my skills and personal passion for the environment, I wake up every day knowing I am making a difference to the world I live in. I want to support and share the positive mission and messages of Greenfleet I think this world can do with more happiness, positive vibes and a healthier lifestyle.

Q - Why did you choose to work in the sustainability space?

Taylor: I am working towards a cause with a bigger purpose. I am contributing to the future, the happiness and the health of my friends and community. This makes me happy, and I fully support the idea of doing what makes you happy in life.

Q - What do you wish other people knew about Greenfleet?/What surprised you about Greenfleet?

Taylor: Greenfleet really are making a difference - one tree at a time! The team at Greenfleet are real everyday people, taking real action to restore this world. The team is small but continuously growing in impact and awareness.

Q - What do you do when you aren't working?

Taylor: I am a huge animal lover, particularly dogs and orangutans. You’ll find me hiking in the bush, relaxing in the park or discovering new food around Melbourne, I love food!

Q - Anything else?

Taylor: I want the supporters of Greenfleet to continue their support, share their feedback and continue to spread the word. We are growing into the majority and turning heads… one tree at a time.