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Before & After – Devilbend Natural Features Reserve, many years in the making

Before & After – Devilbend Natural Features Reserve, many years in the making

Once a reservoir supplying Melbournian’s with water, Devilbend Reservoir now spends its days as the largest inland water body on the Mornington Peninsula providing habitat to native animals and opportunities for recreation (the ones with nature kind). 

The Reservoir is just one piece of the Devilbend Natural Features Reserve where 1,005 ha of native Australian land has been assessed as being of state significance for its unique combination of cultural and environmental values, specifically considered aesthetic, historical, scientific and socially valuable to the Boon Wurrung people. 

Greenfleet teamed up with Parks Victoria over several years to turn the 77 ha of the park back into the flourishing, vegetated paradise it once was. In 2008 and 2009, Greenfleet got planting and covered approximately 25.5 ha. Following on, in 2010 another 22 ha was planted and in 2013, Greenfleet added yet another 28.5 ha. A triumphant 76,760 trees were planted, each growing successfully in the early stages of life. 

Collage of photos of the forest

Our forests are coming along really well with many new seedlings sprouting up everywhere particularly the Swamp Paperbark tree. Overcoming the competitive weeds, a major blackberry issue and high wallaby numbers munching on the seedlings (koalas aren’t the only furry friends who love a little eucalypt), the once cattle grazing land is growing strong today in 2016!   

An abundance of creepy crawlies including spittlebugs, butterflies, dragonflies and Plague Soldier Beetles bring buzz and endless echo. Native birds such as Golden Whistlers, Crimson Rosellas, Cockatoos and a pair of White-bellied Sea-Eagles can be seen hovering over and flocking amongst the native trees, and the local Kangaroo mobs are always hopping and bobbing here and there.

The ‘Before & After’ satellite images below give a wonderful sense of the scale of the success of this reforestation project undertaken by Greenfleet. To see the impact that carbon offset donations create on the ground over time, is true evidence of the positive long-term effects Greenfleet is accomplishing with the simple act of planting trees.

Before & After image