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5 minutes with Chris from Eggpicnic

5 minutes with Chris from Eggpicnic

There are people in life that are able to inspire those around them with their passion. I think Chris and Camila are the perfect representations of this type of people. Together they created Eggpicnic to fuse design and conservation with a special mission in mind: to end wildlife extinction through education. They create vibrant and contemporary illustrations, bringing you the stories of our critically endangered fauna, the environment and our relationship to it.

They approached Greenfleet earlier this year to plant eight native trees and restore habitat for each of Marsupials of Australia print sold."Marsupials of Australia" features six native animals facing challenges to survive. Guess what - we said 'yes'!

We recently caught up with Chris to find out more about Eggpicnic and their wonderful work. Here is our interview:


Greenfleet: Tell us about Eggpicnic and the values behind your brand.

Chris: Eggpicnic was born from our mutual interest and love for the natural world. As designers, we decided to merge our abilities in graphic and industrial design to communicate issues we believed needed to be urgently addressed in regards to our relationship with our planet. We began fusing design and conservation to talk about our unique fellow species in order to inspire change in people’s hearts and minds. We believe we are all capable of shifting the future and that education is fundamental in doing so. If you can reach people you can change and empower them. We aim to bring animals into people’s homes, tell their stories and also actively work with our NGO partners to support their conservation programs.

Portrait of Camila and Chris from Eggpicnic

What inspired you to harness the power of design for conservation purposes?

We are enamoured of the natural world and the richness it brings into our lives, the fact that it sustains us and that it’s irreplaceable, so we needed to help protect it. Learning to observe and think like designers lead us to create a hybrid between our two fields of interest. We both realised that design is a very powerful communication tool and that it needed to be used for a greater good, so we decided to create our own practice with a very clear mission to end wildlife extinction through education.

Photo from Eggpicnic

Could you tell me more about why you decided to support Greenfleet?

Native habitats throughout Australia are under great pressure due to human impact and development. When we take away the forest, it is not just the trees that go. The entire ecosystem begins to fall apart, with dire consequences for all of us. We need to rethink how our civilisation is going to cohabit the planet and keep nature healthy. Thanks to Greenfleet we can reverse this and restore essential habitat in Australia. This allows for birds, mammals, amphibians and many more species to thrive in a safe and protected area. We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to preventing soil erosion and mitigating climate change. Yet, despite our dependence on forests, we are still allowing them to disappear.

We recently read one of Douglas Tompkin’s last interviews. He had been watching climate change trends and predictions for 30 years. “Every year they get faster, hotter, bigger, worse. Really reputable climate scientists say in 2033 the game is over as the methane gun in the Arctic is going to go off and it’ll run this chemical cycle through the atmosphere and it’ll wipe out 95 per cent of all species on Earth.” We need to act quickly.


Photo from Eggpicnic


Who are you working with and what sort of impact does Eggpicnic have?

We're active members of Birding NSW and take part in surveys to bring back the health status of our birds and the environment. We have become citizen scientists from the need to actively change the world around us. We currently work with Greenfleet Australia, BirdLife Australia and Palm Oil Investigations. Eggpicnic is a bridge, between nature and humans, between NGOs and citizens. We intend to re-frame the traditional perspective of conservation in a fresh new way to make it more inclusive and participative.

Photo from Eggpicnic


What is the most important point you would like to raise awareness about right now? Where is the most important area for change?

The alarming rate at which we’re destroying vital habitat in Australia and all around the world due to human impact. We need to understand that issues such as climate change are real and are modifying the environment and that the human impact on biodiversity is an attack on ourselves. These topics need to be addressed from many different fields simultaneously; it is a network of humans that need to come together in order to provide solutions for a sustainable future. We need to start from the very basic, such as ditching our super or bank if they still invest in fossil fuels, as a first step. In the words of Jane Goodall “How is it possible that the most intellectual creature to ever walk planet Earth is destroying its only home?"

Photo from Eggpicnic 


What can people do to fight wildlife extinction and help protect threatened species?

There are many ways in which we can change things. In fact, we’re changing the world every single day with what we choose to do, what we buy, whom we vote for, what we read or what we choose to ignore. We can support great NGOs, speak and demand change from our local governments, create movements and also work constructively from our own professions. But first, we need to want to change things and understand our place in the universe. Understanding that we are part of a more complex system is the first step we must take. To help protect habitats and species worldwide we also need to fight poverty, as it is a huge force in the destruction of the environment. Our voices are endlessly powerful in demanding a just future for this planet and it can all just begin with one click, with a book, a petition or a print.

Thank you Chris, for your time and for sharing your passion with our readers!

Head over to to find out more and browse their beautiful artworks. They make great gift ideas or just to treat yourself!