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Before & After - Greenfleet’s forest at Serendip Sanctuary

Before & After - Greenfleet’s forest at Serendip Sanctuary

Serendip Sanctuary will have you inhaling fresh air, spotting local animals' and getting wonderfully lost throughout the landscape. The sanctuary, just south of Melbourne, Vic, is a magnificent mix of open grassy woodlands and wetlands. For several years, we had the challenge of restoring 31 hectares.

Between 2008 and 2009 we planted a mix of 29,000 native trees that contributed to restoration of the natural ecosystem. These efforts have brought back the habitat the local animals needed. Birds can be spotted high and low, emus meander around and kangaroos hop from here to there.

Images of Kangaroos and emus

The Greenfleet revegetation process is not the simple task of planting trees, walking away and hoping for the best. Preparation, monitoring and maintenance of every Greenfleet forest is fundamental to our mission.

We faced a number of challenges at Serendip Sanctuary, with weeds, rabbits and dry weather causing stress among the seedlings in certain areas. Thanks to the team at Parks Victoria, issues like rabbits and weeds can be contained and controlled. Over the years Serendip Sanctuary has continued to overcome these few hurdles and grown into a piece of bushland heaven.

The importance of native forests such as Serendip Sanctuary, with unique ecosystems, is that they restore and protect ‘biodiversity’. Biodiversity is the fundamental building blocks that make up a healthy environment and the many goods and services they provide (kind of crucial to our existence!). Restoring and maintaining all types of ecosystems that once thrived is a key element to the Greenfleet mission. This is real climate action. These self-sustaining forests will see the future of our environment flourish naturally and help to restore balance back to the Planet. 

Landscape image of Serendip Sanctuary


Our ‘Before & After’ satellite images paint a realistic view on the success our plantings create over time. Looking back and seeing that the hard work has achieved success is a joy. To see native Australian ecosystems blossom makes us proud to be an environmental non-profit organisation. We look forward to many more years looking back on the growing bush at Serendip Sanctuary and the many more opportunities we will have to make a difference. 

Before & After birds eye view images