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One Planet is helping to save our Planet

One Planet is helping to save our Planet

It is wonderful to hear why Greenfleet supporters choose to offset their emissions through us. Knowing there are thousands of individuals that feel so strongly about real climate action, reminds us that together we are making a real difference. An organisation that understands the importance of a healthy climate is One Planet. Supporting the Greenfleet mission since 2007, their offset contributions have planted over 2,500 trees throughout our biodiverse forests.

One Planet chooses Greenfleet to offset all carbon emissions from its Australian factory warehouse and retail operation because we know it makes a real difference. Seeing pictures of the trees planted in a mixed species forest over the time provides real feedback and it is easy to feel like you are making a big difference over time”. said One Planet.

To see and share the beauty of our growing forests is one of the most rewarding moments for us. Our biodiverse forests are planted with native species, all of which once occupied the native land. It is this process that helps Greenfleet forests take hold, become resilient and absorbing lots of carbon from the atmosphere. Organisations like One Planet, with a passion for the environment, are modelling the simple actions available to take care of our Earth. After all, we take care of what we love, right?

The tightknit team have worked hard to take their business in a greener direction. “We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our products in the long run,” said Julian. Not only does the One Planet factory have their own in-house canteen that save staff’s time and energy in traveling elsewhere for lunch, the team have upgraded all lights to LED’s (achieving a 40% power reduction!), signed an ethical paper pledge and revamped their comingled recycling program.

Our environmental goal is to run the factory on rooftop generated PV solar power. This might be hard to achieve without government support for renewables but it is a good goal and one which would make our products unique in the outdoor arena. We strive to have a commercial sized roof top solar array before 2020,” said Julian.

One Planet, you are true heroes taking real climate action with a right positive attitude. We are honoured to have your support and look forward to many more exciting years with your support.

We are proud to be long-time supporters of Greenfleet,” said Julian Hill.

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