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Cardinia Creek is now open to the public

Cardinia Creek is now open to the public

In April 2014, Parks Victoria officially opened the gates of the Cardinia Creek Parklands to the public. Thanks to a grant by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Greenfleet has worked with Parks Victoria since 2010 to transform 12 ha of this new park into a native, biodiverse forest in the outer eastern suburb of Berwick, Vic.
Over the past four years, Greenfleet, with the help of the local community and the Department of Justice (Community Correctional Services), has planted 38 native species of over-storey trees (such as Manna Gum and Blackwood), middle-storey vegetation (including Silver Wattle and Muttonwood) and shrubs, grasses and herbs. Greenfleet’s forest creates interest for visitors to the park and removes carbon from the atmosphere whilst providing cover for the wildlife inhabiting the park.

The project began in 2010 and we kickstarted the revegetation process in 2011 with a community planting day on World Environment Day. More than 12,000 native tree and shrub seedlings (including the rare Green Scent Bark) were planted in June 2011 with the help of the local community and professional tree planters.

In 2012 and 2013, a further 21,200 plants, this time understorey species including grasses and shrubs (such as Kangaroo Grass and Tasman Flax-Lily) were established. Community Correctional Services and Holmesglen  TAFE became involved in the project, which was an opportunity for low risk offenders to serve community based orders in a positive environment. The offenders gained new skills and outlooks and contributed to the local community.

In 2013, the Cardinia Creek Revegetation Project won the Environmental Sustainability Projects award at the Corrections Victoria – Community Partnership Awards ceremony thanks to the collaborative efforts of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Greenfeet, Corrections Victoria, Holmesglen TAFE and Parks Victoria.

The plan for 2014 is to expand the planting into other areas of the park and to consolidate the result.

At the official opening ceremony on Monday, Gembrook MP Brad Battin said “Cardinia Creek Parklands now has a visitor’s area off Inglis Road which allows nature lovers to gain access to the area and really enjoy the beautiful environment.”

Cardinia Creek Parklands provides a unique native forest environment in the heart of suburbia and we’re proud to play an important role in the restoration of this natural environment.


Greenfleet Foresters and Alex, representing teh Lord Mayor's Charitable FoundationGreenfleet Foresters and Alex, representing the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

Greenfleet Forester and representatives from Corrections Victoria
Greenfleet Forester and representatives from Corrections Victoria