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Kings Transport – Leading the drive towards a low carbon economy

Kings Transport – Leading the drive towards a low carbon economy

Leading businesses around the world are continuously driving towards a low carbon economy. They find solutions that both reduce carbon emissions and restore the earth’s ecology. Kings Transport is one such business.

Kings Transport have been active supporters of Greenfleet since 2012, enabling the planning of more than 35,000 trees to be planted, that will sequester nearly 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

It is important that all organisations have an environmentally friendly focus. Here at Kings our commitment is driven in a large part by the ethical obligation we have to mitigate any damage we, as a business, may cause to the environment.” said Kings Transport CEO, Mr Tony Mellick. 

Organisations like Kings Transport are conducting their everyday business with a higher environmental awareness.
Kings Transport holds our environmental responsibilities close to our hearts. We seek to drive environmentally conscious behaviours within the business from the top down, our engagement with Greenfleet helps to foster a strong environmentally conscious culture through our business.” said Tony.  

With the future in mind, Kings Transport have recently announced a plan to introduce commercial electric vehicles sourced from SEA Automotive into their fleet. “Over the next 12 months, Kings will work with our customers and SEA Automotive to confirm the scale of the opportunity to replace, where appropriate, our current company owned fleet with EVs. We will also explore with our 1500 contractors and SEA proposals to simultaneously introduce EVs into our contractor fleet,” said Tony. 

As an organisation dedicated to climate change action, Greenfleet is excited as more organisations follow the lead of companies like Kings Transport towards a low carbon economy. A “Green Culture”, as Tony calls it, is taking hold within the Kings Transport business. The shift to a healthier Earth is in sight. Thanks to the team at Kings Transport for all their hard work and positive focus.

Image of Kings electric car and Kings employees