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20,000 reasons why Ecoprint Supplies help the environment

20,000 reasons why Ecoprint Supplies help the environment

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. Any organisation - no matter the size - has the potential to make a real difference. One proud Greenfleet supporter has recently accomplished a significant milestone: Ecoprint Supplies has officially planted over 20,000 trees through their offset donations to Greenfleet!

Ecoprint supplies a variety of ink and toner cartridges through an environmentally friendly approach. For each toner sold, a tree is planted with Greenfleet. “Reaching 20,000 trees is an amazing milestone. When our business first started in 2008, there were five staff in total and it took us months to reach our first 1,000 trees. As our team has grown to 20 staff, we are very proud that we can now plant 1,000 trees in just under 1.5 months,” said Nerida Byron, from Ecoprint.

Since first opening their doors, the team at Ecoprint knew right away that they wanted to contribute to an environmental organisation and do their bit for the planet. “All the staff in our Byron Bay office are passionate about the environment and leaving a legacy to their children and grandchildren”, explained Nerida. Greenfleet was the “perfect fit,” she added.

The initiatives undertaken by Ecoprint and their like-minded customers illustrates just how many individuals are making a conscious effort to protect the environment. “We do some small tasks each day which may not seem to make an impact but it is these small steps which in the long term will contribute to our planet. We are working towards a paperless office, recycle our coffee pods, car pool between staff where possible, recycle our food waste using the green bin waste system and recycle all our empty toner supplies including those from staff and nearby businesses,” Nerida continued.

With over 2.5 million cartridges used in Australia, 80% end up in landfill (enough to fill the Sydney Cricket Ground)! Did we mention that it will take 1,000 years for each cartridge to breakdown? A large number of Ecoprint toners are recycled and then repurposed into other products including rulers, pens, mats and park benches. It is meaningful that these pens quote the message that they used to be a toner cartridge!

We really value that Greenfleet Australia plants Australian native trees as part of a biodiverse forest and they can be planted anywhere in Australia in need of regeneration,” said Nerida.

Greenfleet exists to make a difference and continues to connect people to real climate action. The environmental initiatives demonstrated by Ecoprint have shown how successful and simple it is to minimize our carbon footprint. We are glad to work alongside Ecoprint and thank the team for supporting us. Congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone through your offset donations!