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Skiers and snow lovers go sustainable with Greenfleet & Thredbo

Skiers and snow lovers go sustainable with Greenfleet & Thredbo

Thredbo & Greenfleet partner for the environmentA new partnership between Greenfleet and Thredbo will enable visitors to offset their emissions by planting trees in Kosciuszko National Park.

In a global first, the ‘My Thredbo Park Project’ is a forestry carbon offset program for visitors. Snow lovers can opt-in by purchasing a tree for $4.00 when ordering their lift products online at the Thredbo eStore. Each tree will help to offset the emissions generated on the journey to Thredbo.

“My Thredbo Park Project will ensure that visitors to Thredbo preserve the beautiful backyard of Kosciuszko National Park, while also taking practical and personal action to combat climate change,” says Greenfleet’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Wescott.

According to Thredbo General Manager, Jordan Rodgers, the My Thredbo Park Project sets an example to the tourism industry and demonstrates the difference that businesses and individuals can make by working in partnership.

“We have an enduring commitment to our natural environment, and this is one way we can work together with our guests and the local community to safeguard Thredbo’s sustainable, ecological future,” Mr Rodgers says.

Thredbo Resort has a strong relationship with Greenfleet. Since 2009, more than 16,700 trees have been planted to offset the emissions from resort vehicles such as snow groomers, snow mobiles, courtesy buses and work trucks.

Greenfleet plants biodiverse forests across Australia and will earmark sites in and around Thredbo, Jindabyne or between Sydney and Thredbo for this program. Plantings will include locally-sourced native seedlings such as eucalypts, wattles and native grasses.

“We applaud Thredbo’s leadership and investment in green infrastructure which will help to tackle climate change while protecting the pristine wilderness loved by so many Australians,” Mr Wescott concludes.

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