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5 minutes with Chrissy from the Diggers Club

5 minutes with Chrissy from the Diggers Club

At Greenfleet we love seeing the diversity of people, businesses and organisations that take climate action with us. For our 20th birthday this year, we want to bring to light the incredible network of supporters that take real climate action and enable us to protect our climate by restoring our forests. Every month, we will share with you some of their stories.

This month we’re excited to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of our partnership with Australia’s largest garden club: the Diggers Club. The Diggers Club has been offsetting its carbon emissions with Greenfleet since 2007, recently launched a carbon offset program to encourage their members to offset their order delivery, and kindly donated herbs for our rooftop garden!

We sat down with Chrissy Gordon, Diggers Club’s Marketing Coordinator, to learn more about the organisation, its mission and the great impact it’s having on the environment. Chrissy also shares a very special offer for the Greenfleet Supporters.


Greenfleet: Hi Chrissy, can you tell us a little about the Diggers Club?

Chrissy: The Diggers Club was founded almost 40 years ago by Clive and Penny Blazey. It has over 75,000 members making it Australia’s largest garden club, teaching Australian’s how to create beautiful and productive gardens. Our mission is to inspire and educate Australian gardeners, providing them with access to a range of unusual plants, heirloom seeds and bulbs trialled in our own gardens and suitable for the Australian climate. We have passionately fought for the re-introduction of heirloom varieties back into the public conscious and regularly speak out about the move towards the monopolising of seeds, on which all life depends. Several years ago, the Blazey family gifted their highly successful business and the properties of Heronswood in Dromana, Vic and St Erth in Blackwood, Vic to The Diggers Garden and Environment Trust to ensure the work their work preserving historic gardens and garden traditions through education will continue forever.

 Photo of Heronswood, supplied by the Diggers Club
Photo of Heronswood (supplied by the Diggers Club)


Diggers Club has been offsetting its car fleet’s emissions with Greenfleet since 2007, why is it important to your organisation?

For nearly 40 years The Diggers Club has been outspoken about how gardening can affect the environment. We have been discussing environmental issues and climate change for many years, before it became such a ‘hot’ topic, including the re-generation of our forests and the importance of carbon policy. Our aim is to re-plant a whole forest through our partnership!

Diggers Club provided Greenfleet with seedlings for our rooftop herb garden
Our rooftop garden in Melbourne, herbs from Diggers Club

You have recently launched a carbon offset program for your customers which is now used by nearly one in three members, can you tell us more?

We have offset our own fleet of cars for many years but as a mail order company we wanted to offer our customers and members the opportunity to offset the carbon on each of their orders. For each order, online or by mail, members are given the option to make a 50cts donation to Greenfleet to offset some of the emissions associated with the delivery of their order. It is an important partnership, reflective of our core values of which we are very proud.

Our rooftop garden in Melbourne, herbs from Diggers Club

What are other environmental goals and initiatives for the Club?

We promote gardening and growing your own as an effective way we can all impact the environment. Currently Australians have many lifestyle distractions and our gardens are often all flax, lawn, decks and pools. We want to see every Australian passionate about their garden and equipped with basic knowledge and skills – gardening can save the world! Our aim is to reach 100,000 members by 2020.

Our top three initiatives are:

  • Encouraging heirloom seeds and varieties to be grown in Australian gardens. Heirlooms represent diversity which our supermarkets do not. They also represent varieties chosen for their taste and yield as opposed to uniform appearance and durability of the commercial crops. We continue to work on making what is old new again! Visit our seed walls in our garden shops in Victoria or at The Adelaide Botanic Garden and you will be amazed at the number of different varieties of vegetables and flowers you can grow.
  • We are working to educate gardeners to choose drought tolerant plants to create cool summer flowering gardens or soft succulents to create a Lush summer garden. By choosing drought tolerant plants suitable for our climate we dramatically affect our water needs whilst cooling our cities with garden spaces.
  • The importance of trees for shade! As our cities hot up it has never been as important to make the right choices for tree planting in our urban areas. We are focused on ensuring people make good tree selections and include them in their gardens.

Diggers Club provided Greenfleet with seedlings for our rooftop herb garden
Our rooftop garden in Melbourne, herbs from Diggers Club

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our supporters?

Gardening is a joy in an increasingly fast paced world with far reaching benefits for both the environment and our own wellbeing and health. We encourage each Greenfleet supporter to decide to grow a garden in 2017.


Thank you, Chrissy and the team at the Diggers Club for your sensational support. In 10 years, you have helped to plant enough trees to offset 1,060 tonnes of CO2-e. You are well on track to reach your goal of restoring a whole forest with Greenfleet!

Greenfleet Supporters, join the Club and create a beautiful garden

Will you add “Grow a garden” to your new year’s resolution? Join the club and learn to create a beautiful and productive garden with 8 magazines a year, and online tools and resources. Enjoy member’s discounts on all Diggers Club products and unlimited entry to our three world class gardens.

For its 10th year anniversary with Greenfleet, the Diggers Club is sharing a special membership offer with all our supporters.

Special offer: Greenfleet supporters, when you join The Diggers Club receive an Heirloom Vegie Seed Collection to get your garden growing AND a pair of Diggers Garden Gloves For FREE! Only available by using the links below, your gifts will be automatically added to your basket.

  • Join The Diggers Club for 1 YEAR HERE for $49
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