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Before & after - The forest of Elanda Point…

Before & after - The forest of Elanda Point…

Just north of Noosa, in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, lies a coastal wilderness of trees, lakes and everglades. Elanda Point is a piece of nature that offers adventure, beauty and a biodiverse Greenfleet forest. 

In 2003, Greenfleet joined forces with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and private landholders to revegetate neighbouring properties on the western shore of Lake Cootharaba. Over the following five years, 56 hectares of land were revegetated to bring back native vegetation to Elanda Point. 

This before and after showcases the clear magnitude and resilience our environment is capable of. It just takes time…


The land that was

Between 1910 and 1975, the Elanda Plains were cleared and the land used for grazing. Over that time, the landscape degraded and became infested with weeds, namely Setaria grass (Setaria incrassata), which prevented any natural regeneration of the land. 

The aim for Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services was to return the grazed crown land back to its natural state, to restore biodiversity and increase habitat for native wildlife.

Biodiversity restoration and protection is key to our work here at Greenfleet. A self-sufficient ecosystem, that sequesters carbon and provides habitat for native wildlife does more for our environment and the fight against climate change.  

Between 2003 and 2007, Elanda Point was planted with a range of native species including Broad-leaved Paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia), Forest Red Gum (Eucalyptus tereticornis) and Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis). Weed control was very important given the state of the land prior to planting. “The main challenge for this forest was the competition from Setaria grass, which is a highly competitive and a fast growing introduced species. Queensland Park and Wildlife Services prepared the sites through a mix of burning & spraying the grass; and then we planted at very high stocking rates to try to outcompete the grass promptly”, said Greenfleet Forester Eoghan O’Connor. 


The forest that is now

Now, 14 years after the revegetation process started, the forest at Elanda Point is a sight to behold. Time has turned Elanda Point into a thriving ecosystem with a canopy of trees more than 10 metres tall. The planting site is recording a perfect success rate at 100%.

The threat of weeds was no match for the native seedlings. Eoghan explains, “The site represents terrific growth rates & the highly biodiverse plantings have produced a suitable habitat for the many different species of fauna observed at the site, such as the many birds we saw during our latest visit.”

This Greenfleet forest is protected for 100 years. During that time, it is estimated that 46,600 tonnes of carbon will be sequestered. That is the equivalent of removing 10,500 cars from the road for a year!


All thanks to our Greenfleet supporters

This forest was proudly brought to you by… you, our Greenfleet supporters. The simple act of offsetting the emissions of your car, your household and/or your flights has contributed to the successful revegetation of Elanda Point and many other Greenfleet forests around Australia and New Zealand. Each offset donation is literally making the world a better place, one tree at a time.

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See it for yourself

Some of our forests, like Elanda Point, can be visited and explored by the general public. Elanda Point is a prime family fun location to get outdoors and amongst nature. Don’t just read about our successful forests, visit one today.