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Celebrate the International Day of Forests on March 21

Celebrate the International Day of Forests on March 21

International Day of Forests is a day where the whole world turns its attention to forests and focuses on how absolutely incredible they are. At Greenfleet, we are passionate about protecting forests and restoring biodiversity to Australia and New Zealand. Every day is Forest Day! But the International Day of Forests is a special day for us to raise stronger awareness on the many, positive contributions our forests make to the sustainability of our Planet.

What does International Day of Forests mean to you?

To us, International Day of Forests means a lot; although at Greenfleet, forests are celebrated every day! A forest gives so much and needs so little. A concrete jungle has bright lights and vibrant sounds, but a forest shares the warmth of the sun, the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet and is a place of peace and fresh air. Greenfleet was the first organisation in Australia to plant biodiverse native forests to offset carbon emissions and combat climate change. 20 years later, we still get goose bumps when we see the transformations of bare hills into wildlife havens and luxuriant, healthy, self-sustaining forests.

This year we celebrate 20 years of restoring our native forests, 20 years of protecting the environment, 20 years of tackling climate change, 20 years of connecting people with real climate action.


How are Greenfleet’s forests different?

Our forests are special because without our landholders and supporters, none of them would exist. Greenfleet’s forests are funded by thousands of people and organisations who are taking action to minimise their carbon footprint and leave a legacy for future generations. Each forest is truly a testimony of the amazing people we get to work with every day!

Our forests are not ‘just trees’- they’re much more than that. Because we restore biodiverse forests, Greenfleet’s forests are vibrant ecosystems buzzing with native wildlife; they prevent soil erosion and salinity; they improve water quality and protect our waterways; they provide shelter for crops and livestock; they sequester carbon from the atmosphere; and they protect our unique biodiversity.

Find out more about our forests here. 


How will you make you mark on this day?

  • Join the conversation on March 21. Jump onto Greenfleet’s Facebook and Twitter, share your thoughts and let us know how making a difference to our native forests makes you feel.

  • Get outdoors, explore the natural wonders of your own backyard and breathe in the fresh air that forests provide us with. Take a walk through one of our Greenfleet forests or a nearby National Park.

  • Contribute to keeping this planet safe for the future by offsetting your emissions through Greenfleet today! Thousands of individuals and organisations are already taking action, and to date they have helped more than 8.7 million trees over 425 native forests in Australia and New Zealand. Be part of the movement!


Did you know?

  • Forests cover around 4 billion hectares or 30% of Earth’s land surface (Greenfleet has planted over 425 biodiverse forests in Australia!)

  • Forests are the lungs of the Planet, there is not a species that doesn’t owe its existence to forests

  • Forests store massive amounts of carbon and create important ecosystems, upon which life on Earth depends (as they grow, our forests are capturing 2.7 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere)

  • Forests are better monitored now than ever before (Greenfleet uses drones and site visits from our experienced forestry team to monitor a number of key factors that define a resilient forest)