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5 minutes with Bali from Peace Love & Vegetables

5 minutes with Bali from Peace Love & Vegetables

A group of likeminded individuals with a passion for nutritional health and holistic living joined forces to share their ideas and support the movement to a greener society. In 2011, Peace Love & Vegetables (PLV) was born. Passionate about promoting good gut health and sustainability, PLV is dedicated to producing the finest raw, organic fermented goods in Australia. Their Sauerkraut (dubbed “Superkraut”), fermented drinks, cashew cheese and coconut oils are hand-made in Byron Bay, NSW from organic ingredients. 

We’re excited to welcome the PLV team as a Greenfleet Supporter! For every order on the PLV website, customers can now add a 50cts donation to Greenfleet to help offset the carbon emissions from their order delivery. We recently caught up with Bali from Peace Love & Vegetables to learn more about how PLV became famous for its amazing Sauerkraut, the importance of gut health and their close relationship with Mother Nature.


Greenfleet: Hi Bali, can you tell us more about Peace Love & Vegetables and the inspirations behind your brand?

Bali: We are a team of life loving humans, dedicated to producing Australia’s finest raw and
organic fermented foods. Our vision is to heal the world through good gut health, by championing a holistic and conscious lifestyle. We are inspired by innovators dedicated to making our world a happy and peaceful place to live in. We strive to be innovators in health and environmental sustainability, and seek to promote a life of peace and love for our team and customers.

Gut health seems at the centre stage of PLV’s approach. Can you tell us more?

Second to the brain, our gut has the largest amount of neurons in our bodies, and is intricately linked to our overall health and well being. With over 100 trillion, yes 100 TRILLION, bacteria which call the gut home; it makes sense that we should do whatever we can to create the best environment for good gut flora to flourish in! We have combined ancient fermentation methods and Superfoods with the latest in technology, to produce next level health enhancing products, that being; SuperKraut, Cashew Cheese and Kefir. We're absolutely thrilled that PLV has grown from a backyard passion project into a community focusing on the philosophy of health and consciousness.


Why is supporting the environment so important to your organisation?

There is only one Earth with limited resources and science is telling us our weather systems and ecosystems are suffering the way things are currently done. 

We’re really excited to have you on-board; tell us, what motivates you to support Greenfleet’s work in particular?

The team at Peace Love and Vegetables dearly values the Australian environment. We want to contribute to restoring our diverse ecosystem by working with Greenfleet and empowering our customers to offset their deliveries’ carbon emissions. We want to set a good example to consumers, landholders and other businesses by supporting Greenfleet and doing more to improve the planet we all live on.


Can you tell us more about some of your other environmental initiatives?

We want to increase the amount of repurposing the consumers do. We feel all packaging should serve a second function after its initial use.

In 2017, we are launching a new line of packaging that will focus on making repurposing our jars more attractive to consumers. This will involve changes to our jar so they are more suitable for repurposing at home and an online marketing campaign encouraging our large social media audience to take on the challenge of repurposing the #PLVjars. We have already had some great examples of people using our jars for everything from spice jars to flower vases.

We also want to use only 100% organic produce from farmers who are implementing sustainable land husbandry practices. We are nearly there with this one. Our primary grower’s farm has 40% tree cover and he is implementing biodynamic farming principles. We are very proud of our farmers!


It’s really inspiring to hear about how you engage with your suppliers and customers into sustainable practices. How has your ‘tribe’, as you call your customers, received/responded to your new environmental partnership with Greenfleet?

The PLV Tribe is a community of people who are interested in healthy living, sustainability and giving back to the environment. Each customer that purchases a product has reduced their carbon footprint by choosing to donate 50 cents to Greenfleet. In turn, our community feel as though they are actively engaging in sustainable practices whilst representing our brand.

Thank you, Bali for taking the time to answer our questions, and welcome to Greenfleet!

Visit PLV’s beautiful website at to learn more, find a stockist near you and shop for trendy PLV tote bags and t-shirts!


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