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5 minutes with Tim from Man With A Van

5 minutes with Tim from Man With A Van

A Man With A Van, with an environmental plan! Founder, Tim Bishop knew his removalist business would impact the environment daily. A thought that didn’t sit well with him. Joining forces with Greenfleet was the best way to combat these emissions and support the environment. Since 2006, Man With A Van have offset their fleet’s carbon emissions through Greenfleet’s native reforestation program. 

To date, Man With A Van have offset 1,020 lifetime tonnes of CO2-e! These offset donations have enable Greenfleet to plant 3,820 native trees* around Australia.

We recently caught up with Tim to talk more about the many environmental initiatives Man with a Van are committed to delivering every day.

Greenfleet: Hi Tim, why Man With A Van are offsetting with Greenfleet?

Tim: We have quite an environmentally conscious workforce, so offsetting is in line with shared beliefs throughout the organisation. Since diesel trucks are the only realistic option at present, offsetting made sense.

Photo-Man with a Van truck

Tim, you've studied renewable energy and have implemented several environmental initiatives since starting Man With A Van, can you tell me more about these initiatives?

Paper free (almost there). We use a very small amount of paper considering the type and size of our organisation. Even on the road, with a custom-made entirely digital mobile scheduling system. No trees have to die to move your house!

Also, we will have photo-voltaic solar array and solar hot water installed on our new HQ. Our awesome new HQ (to be completed in 2018) will be constructed entirely from recycled shipping containers and incorporate both the photo-voltaic solar array for electricity and a solar hot water system.

Man with a Van;'s new HQ

You’ve mentioned the team at Man With A Van are environmentally conscious. What inspires this attitude amongst the staff? What is it about the environment that has captured your support?

We have a relatively young workforce, who generally have more knowledge around climate change (and tend to be the most affected by it). Many are also highly educated and we have quite a few artists of all kinds, overall they’re quite a conscious group of people. I have a love of hiking and kayaking, they ground me, and are always a reminder of what we have to lose.

Photo_Man with a van

You’ve been offsetting with Greenfleet for 11 years, congratulations! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We love Greenfleet. It’s a great program, and we’re proud to have been involved for so long. I wish there was leadership shown by our politicians when it comes to climate change, it seems like the pace of change from high up is glacial, pardon the pun.

Thank you, Tim, for taking the time to answer my questions.

We are thrilled to be able to provide organisations like Man With A Van an easy and tangible way to combat their emissions. For 20 years, Greenfleet has provided thousands of people an easy and practical way to take climate action. All offset donations directly fund native reforestation projects around Australia and New Zealand. Together we have planted over 8.7 million native trees in more than 425 biodiverse forests since 1997. Choose to offset your car, household or flight today and join the movement for a more sustainable future.

Visit the Man With A Van website to learn more about their team, trucks and their environmental edge.

 * This number of trees is a reasonable estimate of the number of trees required to be initially planted to sequester the total quantity of carbon purchased and takes into account that not all trees initially planted will survive due to the natural survival rate of trees. Accordingly, trees that do not survive following initial plantation may not necessarily be replanted. Greenfleet's commitment to recapture carbon on behalf of our supporters involves the management of native forests across all our planting sites. Greenfleet’s forest pool is forecast to meet its overall carbon commitments to supporters.