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Celebrating 10 years of climate action and 150,000 native trees with EBOS Group

Celebrating 10 years of climate action and 150,000 native trees with EBOS Group

Greenfleet CEO, Wayne Wescott, presenting an award to EBOS CEO, Patrick DaviesIn June 2017, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our partnership with EBOS Group, the largest and most diversified Australasian marketer, wholesaler and distributor of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products.

Our partnership since 2007 has seen the Group offset transport emissions from its Symbion business. To date, the carbon offset contributions from EBOS will enable the planting of over 150,000 native trees around Australia. As they grow, these trees will absorb tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere equivalent of taking 9,800 cars off the road for one year!

The celebration of this milestone between EBOS Group and Greenfleet is an affirmation of the Group’s commitment to sustainability and overarching belief that Corporate Social Responsibility is a responsibility realised through tangible action,” EBOS Group CEO Patrick Davies said.

Any partnership in business that stands up over a long period of time points to strong collaboration towards a common outcome. Through this understanding, both organisations continue to commit to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our respective stakeholders and the wider community.

The Greenfleet carbon offset program involves EBOS’s Symbion business – which utilises a fleet of 200 vehicles that cover more than 10 million kilometres each year servicing over 3,000 customers around Australia – quantifying its greenhouse gas, with Greenfleet planting the equivalent number of trees. So far, the 150,000 trees that have been planted would create a forest of 150 hectares, which is 75 times the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott said, “We are proud of our longstanding partnership with EBOS Group. The Group is showing real leadership on this critical global issue and proving how effective long-term commitment to taking real climate action with Greenfleet is on the ground.

By working together, we are making a very tangible and positive impact on the environment and local communities. The native forests restored thanks to EBOS’s carbon offset donations absorb carbon emissions, rebuild vital habitat for native wildlife and provide a healthy environment for us all to enjoy,” Wayne added.

The milestone was celebrated on World Environment Day with a surprise pop-up forest in the Group’s headquarters in Melbourne. EBOS Group’s partnership with Greenfleet forms part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme ECHO (Environment, Community, Helping Others), which has a focus on environmental initiatives and corporate philanthropy.