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5 minutes with Nicky, a Greenfleet fundraiser

5 minutes with Nicky, a Greenfleet fundraiser

We recently caught up with Nicky who is raising funds for Greenfleet as part of her participation in Run Melbourne 2017. Inspired by the work of Greenfleet, she’s created a fundraising page and has already raised more than $500 in a couple of weeks!

We were curious about Nicky’s motivation and inspiration to take part in this event and raise funds for a charity so we interviewed her for our blog.

Greenfleet: Hi Nicky, can you tell us more about yourself?

Nicky: I’m a 43-year-old mum of two, work full time and love the outdoors and adventure sports! I have a love for snow skiing, scuba diving and in the recent years taken up obstacle racing and adventure racing.

The toughest challenge I have faced is raising my two kids and ensuring I spend quality time with them as well as quality time for myself. I find exercise not only great for my health and fitness but equally as good for my mind and sanity!

Photo of Nicky Bree, raising funds for Greenfleet

What prompted you to take part in the Melbourne Run charity event?

A group of mums from the kid’s school suggested it. I thought it was a good challenge, as running really isn’t my thing!

What does it mean for you to raise funds for a charity?

We all talk about giving back, but often it’s hard to know where to start, or we think that ‘little old me’ won’t make a difference. If everyone changes their mindset and contributes just a little bit, it all adds up and goes a long way.

Photo of Nicky Bree in a dirt bike race

What inspired you to pick Greenfleet as your charity of choice?

We talk about pollution and air quality a lot with our kids, and I love what Greenfleet does. Greenfleet was just the natural charity to support!

I also work for a motorhome rental company (THL) who is launching a partnership with Greenfleet. I’ve worked there for 16 years and I’m pretty excited that the company is partnering with Greenfleet for our Australian sustainability programme.

Which distance will you run? How is your training going?

I’m running the 10km event, which for me, being a non-runner, is a long way! I do many other sports, but running has never been my thing - especially long distance.

Training is going pretty well. I recently did a ‘5km’ (actually 6.6km!) trail run in Forrest, Vic. It’s a lovely spot to run, but there were lots of hills that I’m just not used to. I will get there!

Portrait of Nicky Bree, Greenfleet fundraiser

Your initial fundraising target was $500 and you reached it within days. Wow!! What will be your next goal and how can we help you get there?

I’ve been blown away by the support received by my colleagues here at THL. They were the first ones to donate and support my fundraising efforts.

I have now raised the bar and doubled my fundraising target! My aim is to raise $1,000 for Greenfleet before the event on July 30.

>> To support Nicky and her fundraising efforts, donate here:

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