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This is why I support Greenfleet

This is why I support Greenfleet

Erin has been offsetting her emissions with Greenfleet since 2010. She shared with us what it means to her and what her wishes for the future are.

quotation_markI chose to support Greenfleet to offset my carbon because, I felt that I am responsible for all the things I put into the world, so I should be responsible for changing my impact. I chose to put the carbon into the air, so I should do what I can to remove it. I saw John Schulter on TV one day speaking about Greenfleet and that "there was something 'you' could do", so with that I looked up Greenfleet and have been doing my best to offset myself, friends and the company I work for.

Taking action against climate change is important, but to me it is everyone’s responsibility to do what is good for the planet. We can't just expect to keep going about our way and think things will get better; we need to change our habits or find ways to lessen the impact of what we do.

I wish more people would do whatever they can, even if its 1 tree... it's better than doing nothing at all and imagine if everyone just offset with 1 tree, in total that's a lot of trees!


“It is everyone’s responsibility to do what is good for the planet”




  • Offset your emissions today and actively support the environment just like Erin. All donations over $2 to Greenfleet are tax deductible. 
  • Share you story - send us an email and tell us what you love about nature and why you choose to support the environment through Greenfleet.
  • Together, we have planted 8.9 million trees in more than 425 forests around Australia and New Zealand.