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Before & after – Pimpama Nature Reserve is a reserve once again

Before & after – Pimpama Nature Reserve is a reserve once again

Before the trees

Flashback to 2005, to the Pimpama Nature Reserve in South-East Queensland. A piece of native Australian land with a bleak future. For decades, the land had been grazed with little environmental upkeep.

In 2005 and 2011, Greenfleet and City of Gold Coast teamed up to revegetate the land and help this vital piece of nature and the community. A variety of native seedlings were planted across 14 hectares, including Black Wattle (Acacia leiocalyx), Red Ash (Alphitonia excels) and Umbrella Cheese Tree (Glochidion sumatrianum) - yes, that is its real name.

After the planting

Flash forward to 2017 and what a transformation! These before and after images show the incredible impact of this revegetation project. With the support of City of Gold Coast, this reforestation project has been hugely successful. The seedlings took off and have certainly grown into a resilient, native forest. 

By 2031, the forest at Pimpama Nature Reserve will have absorbed approximately 6,850 tonnes of CO2-e. This is the equivalent of removing around 1,550 cars from the road for one year. This is real climate action every minute of every day! 

What now?

The Pimpama region is a stone’s throw away from oceans, rainforests and local adventures of all kinds. The area is a critical part of the region for wildlife, surrounding communities and the tourism industry. This Greenfleet forest is now providing yet another natural piece of paradise for the area. 

The forest at Pimpama Nature Reserve is one many Greenfleet forests in QLD. Peak Crossing and Barolin Nature Reserve are among other places we revegetated in the Sunshine State.

Every tree planted by Greenfleet is a contribution made by you, our supporters. Without you, 8.9 million trees would not have been planted throughout Australia and New Zealand over the past 20 years. 

Greenfleet’s revegetation projects are delivering real tangible climate action every day. Anyone can offset a range of emissions from cars, to households and even flights. Every offset donation given to Greenfleet goes directly towards supporting our native reforestation program. Offset your emissions today!