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5 minutes with Kate from Global Ballooning

5 minutes with Kate from Global Ballooning

As the largest hot air ballooning operation in Victoria, Global Ballooning decided in 2013 to lead the way in sustainability by becoming the first hot air balloon company to offset their fleet’s carbon emissions with Greenfleet.

Since then, Global Ballooning has also rolled out a successful carbon offset program for their passengers. For every booking, passengers can choose to plant one tree with Greenfleet to help offset the emissions from their flight.

We recently caught up with Kate, one of the lovely team members at Global Ballooning, to find out more about the organisation.


Greenfleet: Hi Kate, I had the pleasure to fly with you a few years ago, and it was really a wonderful experience. What does it feel like to work for an organisation which makes dreams come true?

Kate: Working for Global is fantastic – not only is this family-owned company a fun and energetic place to work but to be able to sell a product where passengers tick off a bucket list item is a beautiful thing!

Ballooning is not something that people do every day so when they do experience it, it really is something unique. Generally, it is the first time they’re experiencing it and passengers are with us to celebrate a special occasion and therefore, their excitement sends vibes throughout our whole team. I remind myself not to take my job for granted - I’m extremely lucky to be able to take flight often as it is a part of my position to know what we are selling and to ensure the same quality is spread across the whole company and not just in the office where I’m based.


What is the most amazing thing you’ve experienced at Global Ballooning?

Within the business, the change in technology and the way people book our experience has changed dramatically over the years. I started in November 2012 and, at that time, most customers would book over the phone, not online. Shortly after, we updated our website so people could book online and made the website mobile-friendly, our social pages were being looked after on a daily basis and then the calls into the office decreased. That is when the shift took place and we started to see more bookings from our website instead of over the phone.

Also, the change from our international market has grown immensely so we have had to translate material to suit our main markets.

Global Ballooning Australia’s Director, Kiff Saunders, had a near death car accident years ago, which found him having to learn to walk again. From this serious accident came something beautiful – our Easy Access Basket was produced. The only basket in Australia with a door on it, a seat inside and many other features. We have seen many passengers who never would have been able to balloon with us take flight over Melbourne and Yarra Valley – it has been very rewarding to see their reaction as they lift off the ground. How special that our pilots get to experience that feeling with them!


Global Ballooning has been offsetting your fleet’s emissions with Greenfleet since 2013 and also launched a carbon offset program for your passengers. Why does protecting our environment matter so much to you?

Unfortunately, there are no solar-powered balloons so it’s great that we can offset our emissions with Greenfleet.
The environment ultimately decides whether or not we can fly balloons. We fly based on safe weather conditions and available launch/landing sites – without this, the business is not sustainable. We hope that by planting trees, we are not leaving a huge footprint on the environment when we do fly; and we are doing our part for the sake of our environment’s future. 


Can you tell us more about why you chose to work with Greenfleet?

Greenfleet keeps us in the loop with their tree planting projects and invites us to tree planting days. Getting involved with the tree planting days is such a treat. We are surrounded by the beauty of nature and plant trees with like-minded people from small and large organisations. It is also a good team building day for our team!

Thanks, Kate, for your time. We look forward to planting many more trees on your and your customers’ behalf.

Check out the Global Ballooning website:

There are so many ways your organisation can reduce their carbon footprint and give back to the environment. To find out how your organisation can offset their carbon emissions and step towards positive climate action, call our team on 1800 032 999 (toll free) or send us an email