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Green gifts for Gippsland - Free forests on offer for landholders

Green gifts for Gippsland - Free forests on offer for landholders

MEDIA RELEASE - 6 September 2017

Do you own a property in Gippsland? Greenfleet wants to talk to you. The environmental non-profit is looking for more properties to plant native forests, free of charge.

There’s no catch, only benefits for landowners, the environment and property values.

Greenfleet is Australia’s most trusted source of carbon offsetting. The 20-year-old organisation connects people with meaningful climate action, by restoring native forests to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

In Gippsland, Greenfleet has already reforested 33 properties, revegetating almost 716 hectares with more than 765,000 native trees. Nationally, Greenfleet has planted more than 9 million native trees since 1997.

They’ve worked with 23 landholders, including 17 private owners as well as Parks Victoria, South Gippsland Water, Bass Council, Fonterra and Latrobe City Council.

And there is no sign of them slowing down, with two more forests to be planted this month, and more lined up for 2018, including a property where the forest will improve habitat for the platypus in the Agnes River and create a vegetation corridor for the Strzelecki Koala population.

Research undertaken in 2014 shows that native vegetation can raise property values by up to 16 per cent compared to similar properties without any native vegetation1. This is a substantial economic incentive for landowners to consider native tree planting on their property.

The environmental benefits are also significant. The forests that Greenfleet plants capture carbon pollution from the atmosphere, provide vital habitat to native wildlife, conserve biodiversity and generate resilience to climate change in the landscape.

Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott said native revegetation should be a no-brainer for landholders.

"By hosting a new native forest and protecting it for up to 100 years, owners are restoring the land’s environmental value, which improves water quality, re-builds native habitat and provides livestock with shelter and shade," he said.

"People are often surprised to hear that Greenfleet can assist them with a native revegetation project, for free. We do it all, from land assessment and site preparation to species selection and planting. Plant species are selected to reflect the local environment and what would have been growing on the site pre-clearing."

"Thanks to our landholder partners around the country, we’ve been able to restore more than 425 native forests and ecosystems in Australia. Greenfleet is investing in rural Australia to transform our landscapes while tacking climate change," Wescott added.

To contact Greenfleet or learn more, visit

About Greenfleet: With 20 years’ experience, Greenfleet is Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets. As an environmental not-for-profit organisation, Greenfleet’s mission is to protect our climate by restoring our forests. Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 9 million native trees across Australia and New Zealand – restoring more than 475 native and biodiverse forests. The projects are funded by individuals and organisations that support Greenfleet’s work through carbon offset donations. Greenfleet services many of Australia’s leading brands, including Disney, Telstra and Smartgroup. Visit:

1 Summary of economic study about the economic impact of native vegetation cover on land sale prices in Central Victoria, from Capitalized Amenity Value of Native Vegetation in a Multifunctional Rural Landscape