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Healthy forest, happy wildlife

Healthy forest, happy wildlife

Imagine a place filled with thousands of native trees. Dozens of small birds chirping and flying from trees to trees. The wattles, paperbarks and sheoaks are all in flowers, attracting many insects, delighting the Grey Shrike Thrush hunting in the mature forest. You hear the stomp of kangaroos in the background and spot a Grey Fantail doing its dance on a branch.

Welcome to Waratah Bushland Reserve.

It's hard to think that only seven years ago the site was just an empty field, cleared for grazing many years before that. When Parks Victoria approached Greenfleet to revegetate this site, the aim was to provide habitat for native wildlife by connecting patches of remnant bushland.

Today the forest harbours countless number of insects, birds and marsupials. When wandering through, our Forester Eoghan spotted at least nine different species of native birds and evidence of wombats and wallabies living amongst the trees which now reach up to 12 metre in height. The forest is also protecting an endangered vegetation type.

Watch this short video we've created to see how this place was transformed into the beautiful forest it is today.