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Meet Danielle, supporting Greenfleet since 2001

Meet Danielle, supporting Greenfleet since 2001

The lovely Danielle has been supporting Greenfleet since 2001. She thinks it's a wonderful thing and everyone should do it! Listen to Danielle talking about how living a legacy for her children inspires her to take action and see how you too can get involved and make a difference.



Join Danielle and the thousands already taking action, offset your emissions today:

Transcript of Danielle's video:

When I got my car rego, many, many years ago, there was a flyer in there and that's the first I heard of Greenfleet. And I thought it was just a great idea!

I've always been an animal lover and so much habitat's been destroyed. People don't seem to see that. Like, they'll move into a new area and not realise that was once habitat, that's now not there and these animals need to relocate.

I've got children now and I want them to grow up and have the same respect and values for the environment. It's really important.

Just knowing that when I'm gone they'll still be a forest there, that I know that I've contributed to, that my kids or my grandkids can go visit.

Knowing that I'm planting, you know, that there's someone out there planting trees on my behalf but to actually see it, yeah, it's - it's unreal.

I've made my house as sustainable as I can, but on top of that I can offset our cars, I can offset our flights, I can offset stuff like gas and electricity as well.

I just think everyone should be doing it. It's easy and it's cheap. Why wouldn't you do it?