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This is why I support Greenfleet

This is why I support Greenfleet

Chris has been offsetting his emissions with Greenfleet since 2000. He has shared why he supports the environment through Greenfleet.

quotation_markIt was easy to start with Greenfleet, I had 2 cars and needed an offset. I mean, the cars weren’t going away, and electric is not there yet, what choice did I have? I care about our footprint on the planet, so offsets were mandatory and Greenfleet made it easy. Over the years, I was inspired by the results that Greenfleet was getting. When I saw the photos of barren areas turned into lush tree & shrub filled habitats for birds, insects and other animals … well, that was very exciting! I support Greenfleet because they get stuff done - the boots are on the ground, the trees are in the ground, and the Earth is being given a chance to breathe a little easier, and at the same time animals/birds/insects are getting some of their homes back after 220 years of relentless human development in Australia.


“I support Greenfleet because they get stuff done”




  • Offset your emissions today and actively support the environment just like Erin. All donations over $2 to Greenfleet are tax deductible. 

  • Share your story - send us an email and tell us what you love about nature and why you choose to support the environment through Greenfleet.

  • Together, we have planted more than 9 million trees in more than 425 forests around Australia and New Zealand.