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Before & after – our forest at Mt Worth

Before & after – our forest at Mt Worth

Back then…

Located 125km South-East of Melbourne, Mt Worth State Park encompasses 1040 hectares of Mountain Ash forest and regenerating native bush. It’s home to an abundance of native animals and the Standing Giant, a huge Mountain Ash estimated to be 300 years old! In the 1920’s, large sections of the State Park were heavily farmed for timber, leaving patches of lost history.

Between 2006 and 2011, we teamed up with Parks Victoria to revegetate 56 ha of the State Park, where we planted 62,000 native seedlings. We chose a range of locally sourced species, including Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata), Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) and Snowy Daisy Bush (Olearia lirata). Sourcing species local to the area helps with growth and ongoing survival. These seedlings are adapted to the local temperatures, weather occurrences and seasons.

This Greenfleet forest will be protected until 2106 and will absorb an estimated 74,000 tonnes of CO2-e within that time. That is the equivalent of removing more than 17,000 average cars from the road for one year. This is another Greenfleet forest creating habitat for native wildlife, absorbing tonnes of carbon and positively supporting the environment.

And now….

The trees are growing, the forest is buzzing with life and Mt Worth has been transformed back into a natural piece of paradise. These before and after images show the incredible transformation created through this revegetation project. According to Greenfleet’s Forester, Eoghan O’Connor, we’ve had excellent growth amongst the trees. This Greenfleet forest at Mt Worth State Park is readily equipped for family picnics, bush walks and bird spotting. The before and after images below demonstrate perfectly the positive impact of our reforestation work in the area.

Our forest at Mt Worth is just one of over 425 biodiverse forests we restored around Australia and New Zealand. Within the past 20 years, Greenfleet has planted more than 9 million native trees to offset carbon emissions on behalf of our supporters.

Get your community, family and friends involved by making simple everyday climate action. Offsetting your carbon footprint each year can contribute to creating a forest like this. Offset your car, flights or your household and act to support your environment today.