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Celebrating 20 years of climate action

Celebrating 20 years of climate action

On October 19, we raised our glasses to 20 years of climate action, biodiversity restoration and native reforestation surrounded by nearly 100 supporters, landholders, friends, staff, Board and BAC members, past and present.



Since 1997, we have planted over 9 million native trees, that's about one tree every minute since it all began!

"From very humble, but enthusiastic beginnings, and considerable hard work by many people over the 20 years, Greenfleet has evolved, becoming the preeminent and highly regarded leader in the Australian voluntary carbon market," said Gunther Jurkschat, Greenfleet Chair, during his speech.

"Greenfleet's core business is still planting trees to offset carbon emissions," Gunther explained. "However, the way Greenfleet goes about its business has changed significantly."

Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott added that, in his view, Greenfleet is almost unique globally in the way we go about our business.

"We're doing a lot of innovation in our organisation. A good time to do that is when things are going well. We could go on cruise control, but we don't want to do that we want to focus on the future," Wayne said.

We had the pleasure to hear from Henry O'Clery, one of the key founders of Greenfleet in the late 90s, who shared how it all started with an interview of Leo Dobes he heard on the radio one day. "What we launched was the first biological offset program for emissions, in the world I believe, we haven't seen one that pre-dated it."

Wayne shared the key four learnings from Greenfleet's 20-year journey:

  • Individual action is important in maintaining hope, as governments struggle with climate policy.
  • Voluntary action is critical in setting the terms and innovating for future regulated approaches.
  • Leaving a legacy is a critical part of our need as a species to reach out beyond our own limited lifetimes.
  • Practical action is needed - not more words.

It is important to us as an organisation that we connect and continue to honour our past. Gunther, Wayne and Henry acknowledged the amazing work of the Greenfleet staff, Board and BAC members that led Greenfleet to where it is today.

You can listen to the speeches from Gunther, Wayne and Henry through the videos below.

We would like to share a special acknowledgement to our loyal, environmentally-concerned supporters both, individuals and corporates, and partners who underpin Greenfleet's success. We were honoured to be surrounded by so many friends at this event, demonstrating how important this milestone is, not only for us, but for the broader community.

Special thanks to Andrew, Director at Nth Degree Engineering Services, who couldn't be here to celebrate but offered exquisite French champagne to toast the night, and to Brylie at Daylesford Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. for kindly providing tasty mineral waters and juices for the party. The Lemon Myrtle Sparkling Water, from their new Australian Native range, is a favourite of ours.

Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate. We had the best time!

And in the words of our Chair, Gunther, we "encourage you to join us on our exciting and increasingly important journey over the next 20 years."