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Be a Green Santa this year!

Be a Green Santa this year!

Let’s be honest: no one wants to find that boring box of chocolates or pair of jocks in their stocking on Christmas morning. Nope, trust me, no one. So, stop buying stuff and give charity gifts instead!

Embrace your inner eco-warrior or nature lover and give a meaningful gift that’s rewarding and keep on giving: a donation to Greenfleet.

Thanks to Greenfleet, you will:

  • Skip the Christmas rush
  • Avoid the crowds and endless queues
  • Ditch the boring gifts for a sustainable option 
  • Make your loved one happy with a thoughtful gift 
  • Have the best shopping experience that will leave you with a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling 
  • Save the environment 
  • Be a #GreenfleetHero

Simply jump online, choose the amount you’d like to donate, enter your personalised message and donate. You can use your credit card or PayPal and remember that you can send the gift certificates straight to your Kris Kringle’s inbox!

For your family

Create a new family tradition this Christmas: Create a living legacy with Greenfleet to pass down from generation to generation. Plant a tree for each of your family members this Christmas and grow your family forest in the years to come.

For that friend who has everything

Buying Christmas presents for friends can be really challenging. Especially if they have it all. I bet they have never received a charity gift that offset their carbon emissions and fights climate change. Give a gift that defies monetary value and shows your thoughtfulness. Take your friend and take a stroll in your closest Greenfleet forest to see the impact your charitable give has created. The happiness of receiving a meaningful gift is all worth it.

For your colleagues or Kris Kringle

Impress your colleagues with something truly different this year. Give your secret Santa a Greenfleet green present this Christmas. It’s hard to find meaningful gifts that will resonate. Trust me, your colleagues will much prefer a charitable gift over another teacup.

In 20 years, Greenfleet has planted over 9 million native trees! Every day we connect people to real climate action. It is thanks to the generosity of our supporters that the Greenfleet mission is succeeding. If you’re stumped for meaningful gift ideas this Christmas, try something different. Feel the joy knowing you have given a thoughtful gift. See the gratitude knowing they have received a thoughtful present from you.