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Catching up with our 9-year old forest at Serendip Sanctuary

Catching up with our 9-year old forest at Serendip Sanctuary

Located 60km south west of Melbourne, at the foothills of the You Yangs, Serendip Sanctuary is a revegetation dream. The land was previously used as a sheep station and was heavily farmed throughout the years. In 1959, The State Government purchased the land with the intention to re-introduce biodiverse vegetation and support native wildlife. With Greenfleet onboard, this tranquil bushland is now a more welcoming home to kangaroos, emus, and other 150 species of native birds known to frequent the area.

Greenfleet partnered with Parks Victoria between 2008 and 2009 to revegetate 31 hectares of the park. Almost 30,000 seedlings were planted and have blossomed in the forest that you see today. We planted more than 22 species, locally native to the area, including River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata). This forest will be protected until 2108 and will absorb almost 16,400 tonnes of CO2-e within that time. That is the equivalent of removing more than 3,800 average cars from the road for one year. It’s the perfect place for visitors to take in the breathtaking sights of Australia’s unique natural wonders.

We love checking in with our forests to see the growing progress. Greenfleet’s Forester, Eoghan O’Connor said, “There are very high biodiversity aspects to the site with high bird activity as well as many kangaroos and emus residing in the planting areas”. With all our revegetation projects, we aim to return the land back to its natural state.

We are proud to have played an active role in the reforestation of Serendip Sanctuary. It is thanks to the generous donations from thousands of individuals and organisations taking practical climate action, that we can restore land like this one. Through Greenfleet’s carbon offset program, we have planted over 9 million trees across 425 forests in Australia and New Zealand. These are over 9 million reasons why you should offset your emissions with Greenfleet today and help support a sustainable future.