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Watching another forest grow along the Great Ocean Road

Watching another forest grow along the Great Ocean Road

Along the Great Ocean Road, bordering the Great Otway National Park, another Greenfleet forest is growing strong. In June this year, we planted 14,000 native seedlings across 17 ha to rebuild native habitat, improve water quality and restore biodiversity for native wildlife.

Nicknamed ‘Dance’, this site is one of three forests currently growing within the region as part of Greenfleet’s Great Ocean Road Restoration Project. Launched in 2016, our aim was to create much needed landscape connectivity and enhance the conservation outcomes in the region. As the trees grow in each planting location, they will enhance the landscape, reduce carbon emissions and provide habitat to the local Koala population and other wildlife.

We planted a range of native species ranging from Manna Gums (prime Koala food) and Messmates to Blackwood, Drooping Sheoaks and Kangaroo Apples. These species are native to the area and will contribute to the return of the natural biodiversity in years to come. Greenfleet’s Forester Eoghan O’Connor recently visited the site to check in on the seedlings. He was pleased to report that the site is doing ‘very well’. Some of the seedlings are already peaking 6-8 inches tall, in just 4 months! We’ve seen a 94% survival rate overall for the project, which is excellent. As it grows, this forest will absorb more than 11,000 tonnes of CO2-e by 2047. That is the equivalent of removing around 2,500 average cars from the road for one year.

In a few short years, this forest will provide many key economic, environmental and touristic benefits, both locally and globally. The forest is located at the foot of the Great Ocean Walk, a spectacular walking trail travelled by thousands of people every year, meandering its way through national parks, wild rocky shores and windswept cliff-tops. Our forest is a powerful addition to one of Victoria’s major tourist hotspots. “The Great Ocean Road is an iconic tourist hotspot for good reason, as it features the best that Australia’s environment has to offer. We’re honoured to be doing our part to safeguard one of our most precious resources and further beautify the area,” Greenfleet CEO Wayne Wescott said. “We’re not only enabling action on climate change, we’re doing it in a way that improves our local environment, our communities and our economy”, he added.

Be on the lookout for our forests on your next Great Ocean Road adventure, it’ll be a sight worth seeing. There are another 14,000 reasons why you should offset your carbon emissions with Greenfleet today. For 20 years, we’ve been connecting people with real climate action. 9 million trees have already been planted throughout Australia and New Zealand, sequestering carbon emissions, supporting the return of biodiversity and more. Offset your emissions today!