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Before & after – The forest at Lake MacDonald, Qld

Before & after – The forest at Lake MacDonald, Qld

In sunny Queensland, a short drive past Noosa Heads, a 15-year-old Greenfleet forest is growing. A once bare patch of land has been transformed into a piece of paradise. In 2003, a 5-ha piece of land was revegetated to create a green corridor along 6 Mile Creek. This buffer zone would allow native wildlife safe access throughout and improve the quality of water in the creek before it flows into the nearby reservoir.

We planted over 3,200 seedlings from a range of subtropical rainforest and wet forest species, including Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis), Weeping Lillpilly (Waterhousia floribunda) and Strangler Fig (Ficus watkinsiana). By selecting seedlings endemic to the area and greater region, we ensured the growth and success of this reforestation project.

The trees are far from little these days. By 2013, the trees were already reaching 11-17m tall. This before & after image shows the incredible outcomes of this project. During a site inspection, Greenfleet Forester Eoghan O’Connor, observed many bird species, such as Eastern Yellow Robins, Willy Wagtails and Rainbow Lorikeets.

By 2033, a total of 4,685 tonnes of CO2-e will have been absorbed by this forest. This is the equivalent of removing approximately 1,000 average cars from the road for one year. Can you see how this small revegetation project is making a significant contribution to the environment? Every little bit counts when it comes to restoring and protecting our environment to protect our climate.

Each forest restored through Greenfleet’s revegetation program is fighting climate change, supporting biodiversity and helping to shape a positive future. With 9 million trees already planted throughout Australia and New Zealand, you have 9 million reasons to join the community taking practical climate action every day. Offset your emissions today and help restore and support your environment.