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5 minutes with Beth from Northmost Studio

5 minutes with Beth from Northmost Studio

The team at Northmost are doing some pretty wonderful things for the planet. Environmental thinking is a key foundation of their business. For the past three years, Northmost has been offsetting carbon emissions with Greenfleet. In 2017, the team even joined us for a day, planting native grasses and shrubs on our Gippsland Property in Victoria.

We caught up with Beth, the Creative Director at Northmost, to learn about their business, environmental footprint and aspirations.

Greenfleet: Hi Beth, can you tell us more about Northmost?

Beth Walsh: Michael and I started Northmost in 2015. After many years working in senior creative and technical roles for large digital agencies, we wanted to start a studio that aligned to our business methodologies.

We witnessed a trend of the environment coming second to the bottom line and wanted to run our business differently. We work with clients that inspire us and influence change, through their efforts to advocate for community and the environment.

From the start we knew that our business would contribute more. We donate 2.5% of our revenue to charity, volunteer once a quarter and donate 1% of every project to Greenfleet, which for a small business we are very proud of.

As a small nimble team of experienced digital specialists, we provide digital strategy, user experience, design and development to businesses who are innovative and user focused. Our clients are wonderful and varied, but align to a common theme of community and environmental advocacy.


You recently started offsetting your carbon emissions with us, can you share with us what inspired you to take action?

A big part of starting our own digital studio was being able to run a business that could support the sustainability of our planet.

We buy and source products and services locally, using ethical and sustainable products wherever possible and ensure that the work we do for clients doesn’t cause social or environmental harm.

Rather than just offsetting our own carbon emissions each year we wanted to bring our clients and their projects into the picture. We donate 1% of every project to Greenfleet. Our clients are very positive about this as it provides them a way to give back.

We’re excited that you’re part of the Greenfleet circle. Tell us, why did you choose Greenfleet?

We love the work Greenfleet does for the environment. Specifically, the revegetation projects across Australia. We started by offsetting our carbon then attended a planting day. It was great to see firsthand the amazing work Greenfleet does and the passion of the team.

Have you got any other environmental goals that you’d like to achieve?

We are always striving to reduce our footprint as a business and find clients and partners that share our vision.

We currently use 100% green power, have an office recycling policy and supply everyone in the office with a reusable coffee cup. We work with local suppliers wherever possible and ensure that the materials we use in the office are environmentally friendly.

Moving forward we want our business to grow with community and sustainability practices as a core driver.


What message do you hope to spread through your partnership with Greenfleet?

That businesses should contribute more to the environment. It could be implementing a recycling policy in the office, using green energy or donating regularly to rejuvenate the Australian bush. It’s also not difficult to allow staff to take a day off a year to go on a planting day with Greenfleet!

We regularly have clients comment on how great it is that we donate 1% of our project budgets. It makes them feel a part of something bigger. Last year we also sent Christmas emails thanking our clients for donating their 1% and letting them know how many trees their 1% had planted.

Thank you, Beth for taking the time to shed some light on the incredible work you and the team at Northmost do. We look forward seeing you at our next corporate planting day later this year.

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