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Stepping in to restore a native forest along the Brisbane River

Stepping in to restore a native forest along the Brisbane River

Between the Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams, on the banks of the Brisbane River, a biodiverse forest brims with life. Prior to being cleared, the land at O’Shea’s Crossing was an open forest. Years of grazing left the land and the nearby dam in poor condition. That’s when Greenfleet stepped in!

In 2004 and 2007, we revegetated this 27-ha parcel with more than 35,000 seedlings. The trees have been selected and planted to mimic the original forest patterns, with Lilly Pilly species appearing only on the fringes of the site, while Black Tea-Trees (Melaleuca bracteate) and Forest Red Gums (Eucalyptus tereticornis) were planted in much larger quantities right across the planting area. In total, a mix of over 50 native species was planted.

We monitor the progress of our forests regularly, and love sharing updates from our reforestation projects. In 2008, an inspection at O’Shea’s Crossing revealed that the trees were in excellent condition and already reaching 1.8 metres in heights. By 2010, many of the trees had grown up to 4 metres and now in 2018, the trees are reaching upwards of 15 metres. We found that the trees on the eastern side were growing very quickly, while the trees on the western side were growing slightly slower, but still looking healthy.

The forest in, is absorbing CO2-e at an excellent rate. By 2034, the forest at O’Shea’s Crossing is expected to have absorbed more than 19,000 tonnes of CO2-e. That is the equivalent of removing over 4,300 average cars from the road for one year! As you may know, we use the government approved FullCAM technology to estimate the amount of carbon absorbed by forests. This ensures fulfil our requirements to our commitments.

We are proud to have played a vital role in transforming this land back into a forest, and our supporters should be proud too!

This is just one of 475 native forests around Australia and New Zealand that Greenfleet supporters have helped restore. In the past 20 years, donations from our supporters have helped plant well over 9 million native trees. Together, we are taking real climate action. Have you considered offsetting your emissions? It’s simple and very tangible to offset through our reforestation projects. Get onto it today!