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Greenfleet’s shelterbelt forest in Vic

Greenfleet’s shelterbelt forest in Vic

If you’re driving along the open roads of rural Victoria, you might stumble upon a roadside forest created by Greenfleet. Just 90 minutes’ drive north of the Grampians National Park, thousands of native trees line the roadside. This was one of Greenfleet’s first projects and aimed to create a shelterbelt (rows of trees that create a wind block). 

In 2000, Greenfleet revegetated almost 11 ha on either side of the road, with over 10,000 seedlings. We planted a range of native species, including the nationally threatened Turnip Copper-burr (Schlerolaena napiformis). Other species included the Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha), Black Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens) and Hooked Needlewood (Hakea tephrosperma). The seedlings had a great start in this renowned dry district, with significant rainfall a month after the planting.

As part of our monitoring process, Greenfleet Forester, Eoghan O’Connor, recently checked in on the forest to see how it was growing almost two decades on. Some of the understorey species did not flourish due to millennium drought at the time and overall dry conditions of the area. However, biodiversity is present and helping adjacent cropping farms through increased shelter and topsoil retention. The forest is also absorbing CO2-e very well. The success of this forest, one of our oldest, and particularly the Turnip Copper-burr, is a great demonstration of the impact of our native revegetation work.

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