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5 minutes with Geoff from Digicall Assist

5 minutes with Geoff from Digicall Assist

As the largest independent provider of Roadside Assistance across Australia and New Zealand, Digicall Assist offers a range of customer and roadside assistance services. Last year, the team at Digicall made the decision to begin offsetting the carbon emissions generated through their roadside services with Greenfleet. We recently caught up with the Head of Quality and Customer Experience, Geoff Ohlsen, to find out more about their business, services and green initiatives.

Greenfleet: Hi Geoff, can you tell us more about Digicall?

Geoff Ohlsen: Digicall Assist has been providing Roadside and Customer Assistance services across Australasia for over 15 years. We work in partnership with some of the most well-known brands around the world and operate a pure business to business model. 

We operate a mixed team of trade-qualified mechanics and experienced customer service staff. We answer in excess of 35,000 calls per month and are the largest independent, non-insurance aligned Roadside Assistance provider in Australia.

Our carbon offsetting partnership was launched at the end of 2017, what prompted you to take real climate action?  

In order to deliver our services, we require roadside assistance vehicles to be on the road. Whilst we don’t operate or own these vehicles ourselves, we felt that it was our duty to put in place some positive actions to offset the carbon emissions that our network of providers creates in servicing our clients’ customers. It just felt right and is probably long overdue.

Why have you chosen to support the Australian & New Zealand environments through Greenfleet?

Greenfleet was the obvious choice for us and, from the first contact, Greta and the team have been great. This was all new to us and it has been amazing to learn what our contributions can do to re-energise and revitalise the environment. We see this as a long and fulfilling partnership.

Do you have any other environmental goals?

We have recently moved into our new office as we outgrew our old one, and with that comes a much bigger footprint. We are already looking at what we can do to make our office as carbon neutral as we can, with our recycling program our initial focus.

Are there any interesting facts about the Digicall team we don’t know?

Digicall Assist began as part of the world-leading medical and security assistance company, International SOS. Helping people in their time of need is in our DNA. Our team’s mentality is “Assist first, ask questions later”.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We have chosen to take this action because we feel it is the right thing to do. Digicall Assist is a forward-thinking organisation and the partnership with Greenfleet is a logical extension of that approach.  We hope we can drive a shift in thinking in our industry, and if so then we have achieved a positive outcome.

Thank you, Geoff, for taking the time to share more about Digicall Assist and for your great support of Greenfleet.

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