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Before & after - Koala Crossing, Qld

Before & after - Koala Crossing, Qld

In 2016, Greenfleet teamed up with conservation group, Queensland Trust for Nature (QTFN), to re-create habitat for the koala population in south-east Queensland. We revegetated 91 ha with over 79,000 native seedlings. The site forms part of the Flinders Karawatha Corridor, the largest remaining continuous stretch of open eucalypt forest in south-east Queensland.

This year, we’re expanding the forest and planting a further 11,500 native trees across 9 ha. Protecting koalas from extinction is critical; and restoring habitat is one of the key solutions to ensure the livelihood of koala populations in the region.

Did you know: Koalas are listed as vulnerable in NSW, Queensland and the ACT?

The extent of clearing in south-east Queensland means Koala Crossing provides an opportunity to restore and protect an extensive area of woodland and forest ecosystem that was once dominant in the region.

These before and after images show just how resilient our environment is. Almost three years on, these trees are already reaching upwards of two metres. We’re excited to watch them grow into a native forest ready for koalas and other wildlife to return to. As the trees grow, they will also capture tonnes of CO2-e from the atmosphere.

Greenfleet and QTFN were the missing pieces of the puzzle. “Our partnership with QTFN is a first at Greenfleet and we’re excited to join forces to help protect the koalas,” says Michael Coleman, Greenfleet’s GM Reforestation.

It is thanks to the generosity of our thousands of supporters that we have been able to achieve this project. Supporting the protection of an iconic Aussie mammal is incredible rewarding.

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