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5 minutes with Shreya – Greenfleet’s new Partnerships Manager

5 minutes with Shreya – Greenfleet’s new Partnerships Manager

5 minutes with Shreya – Greenfleet’s new Partnerships Manager 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new team member, Shreya Hegde – Greenfleet’s Partnerships Manager. 

Shreya has joined the Supporter Engagement Unit and will be the key contact and support for our corporate supporter base. Join us as we take 5 minutes to learn more about Shreya.

Question: Hi Shreya, tell us more about your professional background.

Shreya Hedge: I have a Commerce degree from Monash University and over 6 years’ experience at NAB across various roles. I started off as a FX Dealer, aiding business customers with appropriate financial products to mitigate risks associated with their importing and exporting transactions, and, in addition to this, lead the marketing campaign for a travel card. I then steered career into a more analytical and project management type role, whereby I harnessed the skills to help me get to where I am today. 

I had also taken the initiative to work with a startup as a Marketing Manager and assisted with marketing strategy and tactics, including Facebook marketing, website development, content writing, etc.

What prompted you to change direction and work in the sustainability/environmental space?

I have always been passionate about the environmental space, but what particularly fuelled this curiosity was volunteering in mangrove conservation in Cambodia. My team of 20 consisted of people from all around the world, with various backgrounds and a vast pool of knowledge to leverage from and inspire me as an individual to start contributing and making a difference! 

I also love learning. Whether it’s watching a documentary or reading books and articles, climate change is a topic that I always return to. I recently went snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and witnessed the impact of climate change firsthand. It’s something we cannot ignore and hope that it will magically fix itself in due time. I am very lucky to have been given an opportunity at Greenfleet to take charge and action my passions! 

You’ve only recently joined the team at Greenfleet. What surprised you about what you’ve learnt so far?

Coming from a corporate background, it was a refreshing change to see a warm and welcoming group of people that are passionate about their jobs. It is not just about working 9-5; the people in this team are eager and excited to wake up each morning and come into work! This attitude and culture is inspiring and makes Greenfleet a wonderful place to work at.

What do you do when you aren't working?

I recently got married, purchased a new house and had an incredible honeymoon on a South African safari. Most of my free time was spent planning a destination wedding and running around like a headless chicken! This was a year ago, since then I have had the time to go to the gym, enjoy nature and go for beautiful hikes, catch up with reading and explore the wineries Victoria has to offer.

We are excited to have Shreya onboard!

Now is an exciting time at Greenfleet! The organisation continues to grow, and we are eager to reaffirm our commitment to you. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships, further engaging your staff, stakeholders and customers, and continuing to support you to achieve real climate action.

Want to discuss carbon offset options for your business or how to integrate environmental protection in your corporate social responsibility program? Call Shreya on (03) 9642 0570.