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125,000 native trees to be planted in 2018

125,000 native trees to be planted in 2018

With 9.1 million trees already planted in the past 20 years, we’re on track for another successful year of tree planting. The planting season is now in full swing and we’re underway with several projects throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By the end of the year, we will have planted more than 125,000 native trees across several properties in Australia and New Zealand!

We thought we’d share a quick update because, let’s face it, we just love sharing all the incredible work we’re able to achieve thanks to the offset donations received by you, our supporters, every year.

What is growing?

In sunny Queensland, we revegetated a further 5 ha at the Barolin Nature Reserve, in Bundaberg. Another 5,500 seedlings have now been added to the 80,000 first planted in 2017, as part of the Low Glow project. If you haven’t read how this forest will help save our sea turtles, check it out!

Across the Tasman, our native forest in the Te Muri Regional Park, just north of Auckland, NZ, is expanding with another 11,600 native seedlings planted across 10.5 ha. We first planted at Te Muri in 2016, in partnership with Auckland City Council and our New Zealand supporters. The remnant vegetation throughout the park represents 16 distinct ecosystems, four of which are listed as threatened on a national and regional scale. We’re extremely privileged to be supporting the revegetation of this stunning natural space.


Work in progress…

Our planting contractors are out in the wilderness this week. A new Greenfleet forest in New South Wales near Byron Bay, is currently being revegetated as we speak. We’re planting 3,700 seedlings to transform 3.4 ha of land previously used for farming into a luscious native forest.

After revegetating 91 ha of land at Koala Crossing, in south-east Queensland in 2016, we’re back to plant another 11,000 native trees across an area of 10 ha. This will bring this project up to over 100ha, which is a wonderful achievement! As they grow, these trees are providing vital habitat for koalas; which are listed as vulnerable in the region.


What is coming?

We have another four major projects in the pipeline for this year. From the Great Ocean Road to South Gippsland, we are revegetating five new sites across Victoria. This will see another 55,000 native trees planted, across 49 ha.

One of these projects is taking place on a property in Tooraglen, South Gippsland, Vic. 10,000 native trees will be planted to help reduce sediment flowing into the Agnes River which is home to the elusive Platypus, to provide a home for the Strzelecki Koala and address significant habitat loss. The Strzelecki Koala is a population of wild koalas found in the Strzelecki Ranges in South Eastern Victoria. Studies have proven that the koalas found in this area differ in genetic diversity to other populations found in Australia. Protecting and restoring their habitat is crucial for this unique subspecies, and to protect our unique biodiversity.

We’re also patching up a few sites with extra replanting to make sure our forests reach the estimated carbon capture.

All our revegetation projects create much needed landscape connectivity and enhance conservation values of each property. As the trees grow, the native forests will improve the landscape, reduce carbon emissions and provide vital habitat for wildlife. Together, we are supporting the preservation of iconic plant and animal species.



It’s all thanks to our supporters!

We’ve now planted over 9 million trees and 490 Greenfleet forests. If you’d like to help us continue to grow our forests, please join the Greenfleet community today. You can take practical climate action by offsetting your carbon emissions or making an urgent donation to our 2018 Tax Appeal.